Love (noun) – Strong feeling of affection.

People (noun) – Human beings in general or considered collectively.


One bad experience of a relationship and people start blaming the concept of love and how unreal love is. Let me tell you, love isn’t unreal but the idea of love that you bear is what needs to be blamed. Love is the simplest feeling ever. So pure . So magical. Love is boundless and unconditional. Love is a thread that connects people together. As the famous saying goes,‘’ Love isn’t what the mind thinks, love is what the heart feels’’, we often confuse the thoughts of our mind with the emotions of the heart and that is when everything becomes so complex. Love never had any strings attached to it but we humans are spoiling its true meaning by putting in obligations. Constraints put in emotions is man-made, love isn’t . People are scared of loving and build high walls around themselves to avoid it but love can’t be avoided, no matter how high the wall is. We are the ones who bewilder love by the feelings of possessiveness, expectations, dominance and egoism. Our moodiness is what creates the nuisance. Love never hurts. Rejection, envy and loneliness hurts. Love assembles all your broken pieces and makes you a stronger individual when people don’t even take a second to dump someone. Love makes you feel attached while human nature is what causes you to detach. Love makes you grow while it is the people who bring you down. Love is modest while humans make it boastful. Love is a language that the entire world understands and craves to learn. Love is something we can all cling onto. Love doesn’t ask us to cheat but the wavering mind does. Love never creates fights but the indifference does. It is not only love when it is reciprocated but also when it is unrequited. Never give up on the thought of love just because of one bad experience because love is truly beautiful it is just we who adulterate its true meaning. KEEP LOVING AND KEEP SPREADING LOVE. THIS UNIVERSE NEEDS MORE OF IT.




Love isn't complicated. People are.
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Twinkle Bhatia

I happen to be an enthusiastic learner and a very fun loving person. Extremely ambivert and moody. Living in this unbalanced world with the motive to inspire someone,somewhere. I love to read fictional novels in my idle time. Listening to music and spreading smiles across people's faces is what soothes me. I'm a very philosophical person and love to give my own insights to everything. Just like any other eighteen year old teenager , I am a social media buff ,too and am attached to my phone all the time. With a flair for writing ,I hope to convey my imagination to a lot of people. Simplicity and diligence are the two adjectives that I believe define me the best.

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