Mother’s selfless love will always be remembered.
Mother’s sacrifice of her happiness
Will bring success to your life.
Mother’s care will always be more than anyone else.
all around the world mother is called by similiar names….
Mothers_Day_Gift_Ideas“mother”, “mutter”, “ma”, “amma”, “mai”,”aiyi”,
they all mean the same love for her….
Her ideas of creativity
Her innovations of fun
Her love for you.
Are the small things which will
Be remembered by you always,
Tell her how much you love her
Go to her, kiss her cheeks.
And tell her that you love her.
It would be enough for her
To know that you care….



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Namishtah Arora

I m Namishtah Arora....I love reading novels!!...I love penning down my thoughts and feelings in form of poems and stories...somewhere or the other they are all inspired my life's incidents...!!!

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