“Love Carnival

Like the winter tree,
I too muffle my emotions
Under the layers of snow
But you melt me every time, when you fire the lust in me
And also drugged me with words, your mere words of love.
Ah! I want to kiss your grey smile
Your eyes flare my sight
Painting my soul with your words
Umm! You make me hungry in each of our conversations.
Your voice is so tempting, it reminds me of, the liquid chocolate catering and swirling my taste buds
And the chocolate, that melts in, to the euphoric core
The dark chocolate like tone when teases me,
My soul dramatically excites for a roller coaster ride.
Is the night young or it’s the sun, imitating the white kiss?
Is it the day sun playing with the lustrous rays or it’s the moon, imitating the yellow fun?
My senses are tripping ecstasy
What is my name, I remember not
Please… whisper it out loud, the texture of my name is so smooth and velvety, when you celebrate it.
Guest Post by- Neha (



Love Carnival
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