Dear Shehnaz Treasurywalla and co. ,

I write to you because I read an exceptional and brilliant letter written by you addressed to the most esteemed personalities of our nation guiding them or rather instructing them how to make this country better for women , for all of us indeed .

I write to you as an egalitarian guy who was very much impressed with the feminist letter you wrote at first .

I am writing to you for I am frustrated and DISGUSTED and want you to STOP using social issues as a part of your marketing strategy. I read the letter you wrote which probably circulated around the web and got you innumerous followers in one day , boo yeah ! the “Delhi belly” girl who probably almost disappeared is back with a really appreciated letter towards woman safety and feminism which was just written a day before her movie release yeah , December 12, 2014 . the letter circulated like coaching flyers outside schools instantly letting everyone know who Shehnaz Treasurywala is (all hail Google) and yes we all love her for she stood up and revealed an entire story about her friend , sister , mother and herself being molested or raped and then took over the “Uber cab” case and eventually gave the letter a Lil taste of misandry and blamed all the MEN in the entire universe for not protecting the women !!

I am going to be harsh on you with words and yes your blinded feminist followers too

Yes you had real valid points in your letter and was written with brilliant skill an assertion and maybe Spirit I don’t want to be a critic , maybe you wrote it only to send it to Modi ji or ambanis and not for general public ; but let me ask you , where was this skill when Nirbhaya was raped ? where was this spirit when two girls hanged themselves on tree in a village in UP , where were you when kids were molested in schools in kerela ? I probably didn’t even hear you name when people were doing candle marches for Damini , oh wait ! I guess you didn’t have a movie releasing the next day .

Even in the USA rapes happen every day and they have MORE REPORTED cases than us but I never heard of or saw a letter addressed to President Obama or to the Senators written by you ? or its just that Goddess of Knowledge  gave you this letter writing skill a day before your movie release ?
Honestly I must commend you on your PR and Marketing Skills and business analytics you really know how to sell yourself in the product market but you know what , you just sold your morals too , well a part of it definitely .

It hurts more to see a WOMAN using such issues as Rape and Molestation to promote a bollyood drama , and you say its THEIR shame ? I see no difference between you and them now , rather I can compare you equally to our politicians who say ” Ladko se Galtiya ho jaati hain”

And now on behalf of “THEY” the men in the country for the better part of your letter , I won’t pretend to know what its like anesthetized to the world around you by a single-minded fixation, but it’s getting to the point where someone needs to sit down with you, calm you down, and explain the current situation. I know, that sounded terribly oppressive, and I know how much you hate mansplaining, but if you’re going to pretend you are going to fight for men’s rights you may need to listen to men once in a blue moon. And yes, I’m aware that your domesticated pet-feminist male sycophants agree with you, but thankfully they don’t speak for all men, even if it is comforting and convenient for you to believe otherwise.


How easy was it to gather up everything and blame it on men for not protecting the women ?
forget about male rapes , I ask how many of ladies like to be offered help at every point of time , rather I myself offer dropping facility to every lady I see late night , in my way, if she feels appropriate . But 80% of them decline , not by calling me a prick or creep but by saying that I underestimate them and they are capable enough to travel alone and can handle all sorts of men , dear ladies you don’t know all sorts of men . When your dad tells you not to go out late , he is not trying to oppress you but he is trying to protect you in the best way possible because he cannot give you a force field or a molester repellant .yet you blame men for not protecting you .

Let me first say that I honestly see the validity of feminism, I really do. Many of you have gone insane, but somewhere buried in the ravenous culture-destroying sandstorm of your discontent lies the simple validity of your movement. Feminism is merely an expression of post-industrial female humanity that seeks to free itself from male authority. I get that. My family  has got a lot of feminists and all wonderful ladies. What many contemporary feminists don’t seem to appreciate is that there is an already existing flip side to this coin.

The entire problem is not relating to men or women, its related to system, upbringing and moreover our outlook on rape and acceptance of victims in society. Looking back  when we see a guy and a girl commit acts of aggression in school or college than typical male aggression leads to expulsion, while typical female aggression usually leads to, at most, a stern lecture from the guidance counselor. Of course, the plight of the Indian male is far more serious and tragic than a ruined recess. Feeling abandoned, angry, hateful, and confused, guys are about 4 times more likely to kill themselves than girls. It’s true that females attempt suicide at a higher rate, but males are at an exponentially greater risk of completing the horrible deed. And the story doesn’t end there. While (if) these boys grow into men, it is much more probable that they will become alcoholics and drug addicts or the more feared criminals and maybe rapists in form of cab drivers.
But my dear staunch feminist friends and miss treasurywalla sadly the tone and twist of your letter insist on understanding and processing everything in terms of male authority. You see our movement in terms of male authority, and you thus miss the point entirely. This movement is about male obligation. We support your equality, which is why we often ask some of you to please grow up. Many of you apparently believe that we are somehow trying to reassert male authority and escape our responsibilities. This could not be further from the truth. In fact, judging from the rapid growth of feminism and anti male philosophy, it’s probably more accurate to say that many men in our culture are fed up and want out altogether. So NO its not OUR SHAME entirely!
Here’s the good news: a) If you want equality under the law and Justice, you have it. You can legally do everything a man can do. Welcome to modernity, thanks for coming.
b) Your letter did have some valid points regardless of your intentions.

The bad news is – a) that we still do not live in a perfect society, and we never will. There are still people who need helping, flags that need hoisting, and battles that need fighting. Unfortunately, you’re often on the wrong side of these efforts.
b) I am not going to watch the movie now even if I get paid for the tickets or maybe more

But there’s still time to change.

I hope you do, And also hope no one will use such cheap stunts ever again

We could use your help.

Shamed Men




An Open Letter to Shehnaz Treasurywala and others
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