Sitting alone on the swing in the crowded park,

Swinging back and forth in the silenced noise,

Thinking unknowingly about the past times,

Feeling the cold creep under the skin,

Until all goes numb and dark;

Old wounds break open,

Blood dripping down into the green grass,

Staring down at the reflection in the red mirror in it.


Loudly beautiful, Silently painful;

Like a twinkling star alone in the dark sky,

No one knows except our soul,

We cry in hiding, Smile in open world;

We pretend to be what the heart is not.


Gathering the shattered pieces of the crumpled heart,

One look above for care smile down,

Smile is there, but not the care,

Mockery and meanness takes place,

Love and trust washes away;

The broken pieces clutched in hand,

We feel the blood flow down,

Pain calms down the voices calling out;

Waiting for the storm to die down,

Darkness closes in around.


Strangers who were long ago friends,

Now move about laughing loud,

Color of sight and sound around,

Blurred by the tears in eyes,

Those in whom we planted our trust,

now rests in a different person,;

Colors fade away, Revealing the picture of stage,

Left all alone in the middle of the path that goes on.



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