Since eternity virginity is considered some kind of precious gift, a moral obligation or a kind of report card of purity of a girls’ character for that matter. But even today, in some parts of Indian society virginity is a big hype.

Virginity has become synonymous with character of girls. If you are virgin then you are as pure as Ganga (I don’t know whether this comparison holds valid knowing the condition of Ganga), and if you are not, then you are low on morals.

When it comes to men there is no way you can determine whether he is a virgin or not. But when it comes down to women, they should come with the purity seal. Although, the presence of this so-called ‘moral wall’ is largely irrelevant to the fact that whether the girl ever had sex or not but still our traditions and perceptions are enough to justify our ignorance.

From birth girls are told to preserve their dignity and boys are taught that they are entitled to marry a virgin bride. Women’s sexuality is associated with her ‘izzat’ whereas for men it’s all about being young, wild and free

Men in our country are self-claimed custodian of all what is moral or immoral. Men are responsible for imposing the sanskars and women are obligated to follow them. And it’s these sanskars we go about boasting all over the world. . Loosing virginity is neither a part of western culture nor its preservation something Indian.

Such a state not only reflects ailing patriarchal nature of Indian society but also how we have always perceived women as commodities. Men shop for ‘untouched’ and ‘pure’ girls, as if they are some kind of artefacts. And then marriage is nothing but a business deal where the goods delivered should be first hand, pristine and unused.

India has gone through a dramatic change in the past decade. People are becoming more open-minded and sex is not a taboo as it was before. However, in most of the small cities and villages story is entirely different. There are some ‘tests’ that women need to pass in order to qualify for marriage.  Girls remain under a lot of pressure to maintain their sanctity and the idea of girls having pre-marital still raises eyebrows. Leave alone pre-marital sex, imagine the ordeal of rape victims who are branded as used and worn-out.

Virginity is not a big deal, nor is sex. If a guy or girl is not virgin before marriage, just move on. There is no need to judge someone’s moral upbringing and character. A healthy relationship is all about honesty, trust, love, kindness, forgiveness and not a body tissue.

It’s not about “Ladki khoti hain yaan khari”, it’s about “Soch Khoti hain yaan khari”.



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