Again it’s that time of the year when VHP and some others  ‘religious’ organizations gain some publicity by harassing couples in public on Feb 14. Sad that year after year such ‘bastards’ continue to do such barbaric immoral stunts in the name of ‘Indian’  culture. Recently too FIR against AIB Knock Out for something done purely on basis of fun. Paid fun. Oh, Damn this moral police things.

Yet we are evolving, don’t you think too? Kerala’s Kiss of love was actually against moral policing but most people immaturely misunderstood as ‘only kissing event’ but yes the response was tremendous going by the news papers. Let’s break the shackles! Even great to see the support AIB has been getting!! Boy, you have given us a lot to laugh about and now we give you our support.
But you know what’s the irony is? Haha the most people who support #AIB who joked deliberately about penis and boobs can’t take it when #Chetan Bhagat writes a sex scene in his #book (yes he isn’t a pure literature writer, poor by those standards) ! LOL  why this double standards boss? Haha

What appalling is none of these religious organization comes up with a campaign when innocent women are raped and brutally murdered, actually it doesn’t make sense of advertisement for them. For them, they don’t care if humanity is raped but come out up in arms if two humans hold each other’s hands with consent and affection in public.

Most of the people reading this, are probably in late teens and early twenties and all of our parents want us to achieve great things in life, stand out from the rest or at least be better than Sharma ji’s son or moorthy uncle’s daughter but expect us to follow the sequential system of finish school, get an IIT/College, get placed with great package, get married to person of parent’s choice, become a parent and after that die. Every bit of the person is being killed in every stage of this process, where and how do you expect him to live his life?

Our land is vast, different people different emotions, very much irony in most cases. We live on a land where, the process of sleeping with a stranger with your parents’ consent is actually called ‘marriage’. It’s high time we introspect a lot of things, evolution is utterly necessary.

We hope some day such ‘culturally’  literate people understand that to fall in love and live or own lives isn’t crime. And people escape the trap of the road more taken, the other road isn’t as smooth as this but without any doubt it has a purpose, to find yourself, and that journey is called life. 🙂


Live, love and laugh.



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