We are the one who would want our daughter to pursue an MBA from some blue blooded institution so as to enable her stand tall in this world & face her in-laws with full confidence.

But aren’t we  the ones who would not take a girl who has a plum job in some MNC as our ‘bahu’ because she is rational, won’t stand down on her values, emotionally strong & financially independent. (Read because she always has a choice to walk out of the marriage)

The majority of us want a government job. Why? So we can have a life of comfort. The majority of people working in government offices reach their home at 4  while they should have been contributing to the already diminishing GDP of India. But when questioned about the same, they say- ‘Saara system hi aisa hai. When my director doesn’t say a thing, then who are you to? Go study. Yeah Sir! But what happens when two 13 years old girls are raped on the empty streets at 9 in the night. What happens when a little kid is crushed under the hot wheels of someone of some importance? Protests, protests & more protests. But all that ends as soon as Saturday arrives & Kapil Sharma has a Pandora box of some lame jokes to open.

Again, we are a nation, sadly, where a father would slap his daughter just because she missed her curfew by a few minutes. Take a break Uncle – Traffic Jams do happen.

But what happens when a guy comes back at 12 AM in the night & makes excuses that he was studying for some upcoming examination. That guy is a hero. Nothing much. He gets a pat on the back by his father- Shabash beta, maa papa kaa naam roshan karo. But what he was really doing? Utilizing tinted windows in the empty parking lots. (Read contributing to the already critical population problems)

We are society where a guy gets tagged as a rapist, sexual offender, crackpot, family hater, loser by ‘chaar log’ just because someone saw him smoking the other day. How is smoking, drinking, rock music & big cars related with incident of rapes in the short run?  Or any other crimes & societal problems that exists.

If a guy is rich, he can do anything because he will get away with it. If a guy is poor, the authorities will spare him because they are not concerned with law enforcement; they are just concerned with money.

Rich is spared. Poor is sympathized with. So who are those people behind the bars? Some aliens who lost their way.

Girls are tagged at sluts. Why? Because the number of male friends she has exceeds the numbers of female friends. She loses all her sanskaar at once she goes on an evening walk in those jogging shorts she purchased while you were out on that important ‘chaar dhaam yatra’. Take a break ‘Aunty’. Its 34 degrees outside. Moreover that short was on sale. Even you can’t do some classical dance in a ‘sankaari saadi’.



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