Mangalam Shukla is a mass communication student from Lucknow. A music lover who has got a heavenly voice. mangalam A 20year old lad is all set to launch his first music album which will contain his covers and also original compositions. You can listen to his self composed songs very soon on youtube.

Mangalam spontaneously took time to answer the below given questions. It was indeed our pleasure to interview such a talent. Thank You Mangalam for taking out time for us.

Listen to his mesmerizing voice and read the interview given below.

Eltrivate – What is your genre of singing?

Mangalam–  I don’t want to be a singer of specific genre. Still discovering what other genre’s I can cover.

Eltrivate– When did you realise that you want to be a singer?

Mangalam– Well I am also searching the answer to this question from a very long time… but as far as I remember, I think my first performance was in class 2 when I sang in front of the whole class… n then I realized that I can sing too.  

Eltrivate– Who is your favorite singer?

Mangalam– There are many favorite singers…sometimes they change and sometimes the previous ones become my favorite again. (Laughs) 

Eltrivate– Do you think band culture is helpful for promoting young talent?

Mangalam– Band culture has always been one of the most famous cultures in the world through which every singer and other instrumentalist has got a chance to show their talent to a large no. of people. The band culture has helped young singers as everyone has their own style which is new for the audience and attracts them a lot. 

Eltrivate–  Since everybody is a starter at some point of time, do you wanna advice something to people who are just going to start?

Mangalam– I don’t think I am eligible to answer this question as I consider myself a starter too… but as a music lover the biggest advice that I could give other musicians is to be yourself and try not to copy others. 

Eltrivate–  Tell us one thing which sets you apart from other singers.

Mangalam–   Nothing sets me apart from other singers… Its just that I sing from my heart and people simply love it… There are other singers which are 1000 times better than me… so we can also say that their are things which sets them apart from other singers who couldn’t achieve much.

Eltrivate– Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, Indian Idol etc gives you a start but do you think that the road to industry becomes easy?

Mangalam– Winning these shows somehow make you popular, but you can’t expect immediate offers from the industry. We’ve seen so many singing reality shows and as soon as they finish, I feel like all the winners get kidnapped. We never get a chance to see them again.

Eltrivate– What do you think how competitive is this music industry?

Mangalm–  Music industry is obviously super competitive. Every year this industry gives us a new singer who has new way of singing, a fresh voice and he/she takes the music industry to another level.

But I would like to say that there is only one mantra of success and its “Hardwork”.





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