My day starts as  soon as my phone beeps and I wake up to find 45 messages from 7 conversations. My face lights up when I see my crush texted me , I smile like an idiot.  Within seconds I TEXT HER good morning. Its 8 a.m. instead of looking at the time,  I am waiting for her to text me back.

I get  am getting ready  for college and in back of the mind thinking about her message. I mean am nuts, how big a difference can a good morning message make.

Few hours later

Lecture on cyber media is eating up my brain.  I quickly take out my phone to check if she texted me back. Damn last seen  10:20 a.m. and still no reply. Now I am staring at my phone , thinking this last seen will  turn into online. Suddenly she is typing and here I receive her message: GM J.

Now its 12 p.m. and HOD is giving us a lecture and I am bombarded with messages from my girlfriend . 3 voice notes and no earphones :/ worst feeling.

At 4 p.m.  I rush to the corridor  to hear all the voice notes and then smile like an idiot. I BOMBARD her with messages.

Its 5 pm. and still I haven’t  got any reply , now I am feeling restless.


7:37 p.m I am home and first thing I do is plug-in my phone because just 37% battery remaining.

9:37 p.m……

Well I am not going to finish the whole article because my girlfriend just changed her dp and is asking for my comments .;)

So bye-bye 😛



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Devansh Saxena

“Life begins with an expression” I aspire to be a writer, I like capturing emotions, expressions of daily life through my pen. According to me writing is a gift which god gave us to express ourselves. I write every moment I live , I feel every thing has a story behind it. My journey has started as my story has just begin… Its all about finding the writer in you . Share my blog if you can relate with my writing.

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