Does Humanity Prevail In today's HUMAN?
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Humanity, the dictionary has this word mentioned with the meaning of being humane or being civilised. But today this word and meaning is restricted to the Dictionaries only. Today, when there are so much of violence and instability among the values and human race we are striving hard to make people believe in humanity and human nature. Humans are those who have been thought to be civilised and humane. But then it gets sometimes witty thinking about how much contrasting characters we show and what actually humanity means. When it comes to showing human nature we just take a candle in hand and march. Is this humanity? We react on an evil mishappening when it’s passed. Why don’t we react when that evil is progressing? Why can’t we stop them? These questions will never be answered instead the allegations are passed on from one person to another.



Memories of Nirbhaya incident won’t be ever forgotten. This single incident shook the whole India. People were out on streets marching around the city with candle in hand. But did it do any good? It just helped reforming women rights and nothing else. When the two victims were thrown out on road from bus, people just stopped to watch them shiver from pain. None of them tried to call the cops or took them up to hospital. This is present humanity. WE don’t work at the right time, the people may have had them taken up to the hospital or helped in any way but they just stayed dumb and enjoyed the scene with a sense of pity on them.  The friend who had accompanied her that night stated that the thing would have been different if someone would have helped them. When the accused were held everyone was asking for a HANG TILL DEATH orders from the court. But one unusual thing to think is whether the accused are the only one responsible for her death? The people who just there and left them to die, the people who didn’t stop their cars to help them, and even we all are responsible directly or indirectly. People didn’t help them on that night and the next day they were out holding candle and marching. All this doesn’t make any sense. People just move away thinking they aren’t our family member why should I help them. This also sparked a discussion about the wardrobes of women. People won’t mind teaching their children to behave and then they go out asking and saying all sorts of ill about the clothes which women wear. The Clothing style doesn’t needs to be changed; the change must be bought in the thinking of people.


Humanity restricted to only dictionaries

Why Human’s Have become So Inhuman??


People need to think what is right and what is wrong when the time is right and not when that mishappening has already taken place. No one understands the pain until one passes through the same phase. Stop blaming only the rapist, police or the law for the loss of the crime or rape victims. We all are responsible equally for every victim’s death, who begs and cries for help but what we all do is stand there and stare until they die. Why do we light candles for the victims when we are the ones who let them die. Why the Human have’s today become so inhuman?



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