As the trailer had already given a glimpse of the film, it was expected that Housefull 3, as the brand it had created with rest of its two parts, will make people laugh not by its comedy but the lame humour.


Did the expectations matched the reality? The answer would be Yes as well as No. The film successfully delivered lame humour, Yes. Was it able to make you laugh? Not at all. This film has a extremely mismanaged script with dialogues written by the Directors Sajid-Farhad themselves is completely non-sense. Creating confusion among various characters, three men loving three women who are sisters and later confessing infront the father, is the overview. The only thing the film has new to offer is the breathtaking scenes shot in the majestic London. Housefull in its previous parts has shown some good comedic characters like Boman Irani and Chunkey Pandey. Akshay Kumar is probably the biggest reason for success of Housefull series but none of it was maintained in this part. As Bollywood is doing it since last several years, all the actresses were used for sex appeal only. The film was able to collect 15.21 crores from the box office on its first day. The film is for die hard Akshay Kumar fans and those who have no other option. ELTRIVATE rates it 2 out of 5.



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