Now don’t try to link the title to the Comedy Central hit siticom. Yeah so I  was just bored and wanted to unfold a new chapter  of my Delhi visit. Yes you can say that amidst the launch of Lucknow metro project  , I have also accelerated . See all my articles depend on people I meet. Some  I bookmark in my memory and others don’t exist as if I met them on incognito mode 😛

So coming straight to the topic, as you all remember from the previous two articles about my Delhi visit. “Talking to you I realized that you have covered every field and just like me you are the standout in yout field” ,words struck like gold and I shared an instant connection. Yes even we are automatically attracted to those who understand us. Its all about instant connection. No not the instagram but the Mukhtasar Mulakaat. She is a designer at Nift and an amazing person. Now talking about the title,just like a house on cards is  never stable , yet it astounds everyone with its miraculous  chemistry the wind. Exactly I met her just few days back and I don’t know if I will meet her again but those few days just vaporized like an open bottle of ethanol. She is not a nerd, yet I like it when she wears those glasses after throwing away those contact lenses.You meet some people  without any reason and smile  when those flashes hit the shutter of the brain. Though I  am not a good photographer ,  holding  the BJMC tag up my sleeves I had to do a photoshoot of her “Bartans”.Those bartans were handcarved and other technicalities with the designing and all (yeah just add few more words related with this art ,as I am clueless about it ).

Walking down the metro station I recollect those moments before I leave the station. As the open doors of the metro  are sliding, heading for a close. I  am thinking about life and treating life as a “Teen Patti” game in which I would play my cards blindly yet mufilis patta would win;)

Suming it up my encounters just add to  my life experiences.  Now that you have read this ,try reading it with “Mukhtasar Mulakaat” song in the background.

Before any controversies ,all characters are fictional except the red colored metro token 😀



House of cards
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