TV was a really integral part of a 90’s Kids life. We did not have the Mobile and Computers until the early 2000’s. And the amazing TV shows were what we grew up on. All of us still miss some or the other show for which we created a ruckus…which had several reasons-
a.) The dinner time during exams will depend on our fav show time.
b.) Who gets the remote first. (Sibling Dairies)
c.) Moral lectures from parents saying, “din bhar TV….”

Hum Paanch-

Hum Paanch was one of my favorite serials since childhood.The story is about a common man and his family. The reason why it was liked by all was for it’s perfect comedy timing and the unique characters.




Office Office

Office office represented the vows faced by a person in a govt. office , be it the corruption problem or the delays in work.



Tu Tu Mai Mai

Way before the saas-bahu saga took a melodramatic turn, spanning across hundreds of generation leaps and many yawns, there was Tu Tu Main Main. That was probably the last time we didn’t cringe at the thought of watching saas-bahu on television. The quirky love-hate relationship between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law made Tu Tu Main Main one of India’s most loved comedy serials.




It was a TV serial that told a superhero story. No one had done it before in full earnest as far as the indian TV is concerned. Mukesh Khanna made a good superhero and an even better alter ego. It was fun to watch and made for great conversation the next morning at school.




One of the funniest shows ever on Indian television, ‘Khichdi’ takes you into the house of the dysfunctional Parekh family and is guaranteed to have you in splits with its uniquely funny characters.

And of course the Praful Hansa Jokes

Hansa : praful “decide” matlab ?

Praful : “decide” hansa … Vo casettee player mein hum casettee nahi dalte usme hota hai na … “a side” — “b side” … Toa “c-side” … “d- side” —> “decide”




Left Right Left

Guys! Remember Left Right Left? That insanely fun show most of us dedicated our dinner time to? Really, I haven’t met anyone who hasn’t liked this interesting effort to make the youth more connected to our armed forces. And of course the sizzling chemistry between the characters was amazing.
Andddd….Captain Rajveer Singh Shekhawat aka Rajeev  Kandelwal  <3

 (Well, that was a little fan girl moment 😛 )

Check out the title track below.


Sanjivani is one of the most interesting serials because it was a serial which has combination of emotions and it was based upon lives of medical interns working in an hospital and how they simultaneously deal with their personal life . Sanjivani has the most talented actors and actress acting in it and they are all superb.




Having been launched in 1998, the longest running television serial has not fatigued.
What impresses one is not the long run of the serial but that it has managed to sustain the audience interest for almost two decades.




Admit it !
Once in your life time you have tried to scare your younger siblings or cousins with this show.

images (1)


Boogie Woogie

Indian TV has a lot of dance shows on air every now and then but no show can be compared close to BOOGIE WOOGIE 🙂



Shakalaka boom boom

We all at some point in our lives have wanted the Magic Pencil.




Besides the Magic tricks by the 3 ladies.
Shanti Aunty gave us major neighbor goals.
*Thodi Shakkar, Doodh aur Chai ki patti milegi? Chai banani hai.* 


Karishma ka karishma

This was the Indian version of the TV series Small Wonder.



Dil mil gaye

This was probably one show which was the topic of discussion. And made us think how cool and romantic is a doctors life 😛


Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai

Because Rosesh Sarabhai Fails the greatest of poets.
Yeh hai teen pair waala kutta,
Isko kabhi bhagaana nahi padta,
Susu karte waqt use pair uthaana nahi padta,
Yeh hai teen pair waala kutta !!!






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