SCANDAL. Scandal, scandal everywhere. Amongst all the scandals that make the front page of
newspapers, we still get to see the more-often-than-not horrifying incidents that take place globally.
Of these, religious intolerance seems to take away the trophy for the cause of most number of

So, the other day, I, like every other normal teen in this world, saw a post on Facebook from The
Times of India (Yes, I follow that because I’m a media student and must know world news)
regarding the Paris attacks. At first, I skipped right through it because well, bomb attacks are pretty
much the in thing these days. But apparently, this particular attack news kept cropping up every one
hour and so I decided I must look into such a grave matter.
I read three lines and shut the tab. Charlie dear had CLEARLY pushed his limits. Don’t get me wrong.
I’m a media student, and speech and expression is what I live by, but I also live by common sense.
And media ethics. If Charlie Hebdo could print offensive pictures because it is their right to speech,
well then the terrorists could definitely attack them because it is their right to expression. Is it not?
Or are we taking out our “Judgemental Book of Double Standards” to check?
I believe in freedom of speech and expression. I also believe that chocolates don’t make me fat. But
I don’t believe in ABSOLUTE freedom of speech and expression, just like I don’t believe in having
ABSOLUTELY no restraint on my chocolate eating. Sure, I would love to have less censorship on
cinema and a little more freedom to say what I want, but at the same time I do not believe that
there should be no restrictions at all. Especially on spiteful expressions. Nobody has the right to
physically or mentally hurt another person through their deeds. People often skip the “mentally
hurt” part. And mind you, this isn’t the first time that Hebdo had made hurtful “expressions”. Sure,
you and I are the more tolerant citizens of the world, but you can’t say the same for everybody, can

Hateful “expressions” should have absolutely no place in freedom that I ask for, for my speech and
expression. I’d rather that if anyone have such “peaceful” expressions, that they keep it to
themselves. This world is no place for spiteful kids, who don’t know their boundaries.


Je ne Suis pas Charlie Hebdo. I am not Charlie Hebdo. My question is,
Are you…?



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