There are certain things we all hate when they happen ..but we are too busy to notice them. Here’s a list of things which happen with everyone and go utterly unnoticed:-

  • when you go in for a shower with your dry clothes and they fall on wet ground.

(Damn! You really wanted to wear that new pair of shirt to college.)

  • When you’re working on something important and suddenly your laptop shuts down at snail speed.

(yes! Game of thrones was about to be downloaded. Stupid laptop.)

  • When you’re eating and the spoon falls on the floor.

(I’d use the same spoon if no one looked but people keep looking :P)

  • When you buy something and the very next day it goes on sale.

(Seems like God likes me too much, he wants me to be charitable :P)

  • When you pick something that falls and at the same time something else falls down.

(This would have been picturesque if it was a karan johar’s movie scene and Shah Rukh khan would be waiting to pick up those things for you…reality check-it isn’t! You look absolutely dumb! :p )

  • When it rains the day you wear your new shoes.
  • When you’re really late for some meeting and you get a call from customer care.
  • When your favourite stuff goes out of stock or sometimes even stops selling.

(I mean seriously? personal grudges thy lord?!)

  • When you watch a good movie deeply and your parents walk in your room -BOOM- the sex scene!
  • When you sit down for meal in front of the TV and then realise you have to get up for the remote.

(Lazy asses you see.)

  • When you’re texting your friend and suddenly your phone stops working.

(This happens EVERYTIME , especially when you’re in middle of something really interesting.)

  • When popcorn gets stuck between your teeth. Aaargh!

(How I wish I had a portable brush i could carry with myself to the movies. How creepy?!)

  • When you eat chilli pepper and suddenly your hiccups starts.

(This is really embarrassing because of the sound that the hiccup produces plus your friends just can’t stop laughing their asses about it).

  • That awkward moment when your parents ask if you like anyone?

(Happened and will continue to happen as long as we live. Poor kids.)

  • That awkward moment when you’re talking and you realize no one cares about what you’re saying.

(Yeah! I wonder why they have their earplugs on.)

  • When you using your earphones and someone keeps talking to you!

(Well! Exactly why I have the earplugs on ….)




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