Behind me, there are some millions of wonderful memories,

Behind me, there are some thousands of jokes,

Behind me, there are hundreds of secrets,

This is just because of one single reason that I have got FRIENDS for LIFE…

Cherishing the best moments of my life which I have spent with some angelic friends, here are a few words from my heart..

I was sitting here thinking

Of the words I want to say,

But they just wouldn’t come out right

There’s no way to thank you


For everything you do

For always being nice to me

And staying by my side,

For helping fix my problems

And never leaving me behind


For accepting my thoughts and feelings,

Though you do not understand,

For never giving up on me

And being my best friend


For making me laugh

And letting me cry

And saying you’d miss me

If I were to die


Everything you mean to me

You could never know

In all the ways you’ve changed my life

I could never show


The way you take care of me,

You’re my shining star

And though it’s so incredible

That’s just the way you are


I sit alone thinking of you

And all the things we’ve been through

You are my soulmate and I

Know you’ll be there untill the end


Your shoulder to cry on

Will always be very long

Who will be there?

When something is wrong



Although we were going in separate ways

You are in my heart till my final days

Nothing can make a person see

How special a friend you are to me


I dreamed of a friend just like you

And finally my dream came true,

Nothing else could ever fulfill

Everything your friendship will


You understand a side of me

That no one else could ever see

You know what’s wrong before I cry

But if I do, you will always know why


A friend just like you is hard to find

You put my problems all behind

You were there when no one cared

The best times were those we shared


We’ve been together through good and bad

You made me laugh when I was sad

And no one else could ever be

As good of a friend you are to me


Our time together is wilting away

More and more everyday

But now until the very end

You’ll forever be my best friend.


As long as we are living,

No matter when or where,

If you ever need me

Just call and I’ll be there


I’ll climb a thousand mountains

And swim a thousand seas

Anything to be there

‘cause you’ve been there for me’.

Dedicated to all my nutty and crunchy friendsJ



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