Article 2:

Now yesterday, what do I tell you one of my friends just got into an argument with me that since this time its Modi ki Sarkaar things will definitely change in the country. I toh just asked him one little question, Arey baba will they sell petrol 40/- per litre? He said long long things but the final answer was NO! Arey when they can’t lessen petrol’s price than what fayeda is it to us? You only tell! You toh know na my aviator gives paintees-chaalis ka average so I’m toh very conscious about petrol baba! Offo then that cunning ladka asked me that okay if Modi isn’t efficient enough who did I vote for this time? Obviously he knew I never vote, I don’t have a voter ID card na bhai! Ohh please now don’t think that am not one of the ‘Desh ki sacchi naagrik’ but then it’s so tiring na? Wasn’t getting  an aadhaar card issued enough that now you want me to get voter card, driving license, ration card and all that stuff!! Ek toh it needs so many documents and those long long queues in sarkari daftars upar se they don’t even have a small sa AC. Sorry baba I can’t help it whatever you think, keep your hypocrite jaisi thinking to yourself ha! I just told him am not yet eligible (ab age bhi chuup gayi), next time when you people will again chillao ‘abki baar kisi aur ki sarkaar’, tab I’ll see!

Anyway it was the end of April then which meant my Birthday was just round the corner so I really needed a holiday na to buy cool cool clothes for myself, so many parties I’ve to host everytime and I definitely needed hair spa also toh aise me what vote-shote ka chakkar shall I paalo hain? A single vote doesn’t really create a difference moreover I was not even sure, arey baba not sure about who to vote for so I thought let it be itna kya sochna! And please I know it all, UP’s voter turnout was just 63% which means I was not alone ha! Moreover half the majority just voted to get their selfies clicked and upload it on facebook, such a wannabe they are not like me genuine and true!

Waisey bhi am not one of those politics and current affairs types hain. Not like my classmates who could eat, drink and sleep politics. Now again chaar log will talk that look at her she’s pursuing Journalism, arey toh baba I make short films, design Ad campaigns, write scripts and gaane-shaane, who told you I want to be a boring ‘samwad-data’ no no I can’t tolerate that! Ek toh waisey bhi NTV people never called back after that day. (Just messaged that they think I’m quite unprofessional.) Haa toh its okay as if I care!



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Mohona Dasgupta


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