A game of power

Sitting alone when I retrospect, there goes on a chain of thoughts. Thoughts which are probably intertwined, linked in a way that at the end I land up to a state of regression which can never come to existence. Sometimes I even reach to a state, when I question myself, what if?

Almighty gave women, the power to think, act and repeat. At first we think in a way that we are the only high mind that could be manufactured and then act. This entire process is not as short as it seems to, the process comes with a handful of stress, agony and wish.

As we often hear, no heart can be as large as that of a woman.  I think it’s time for some amendments now, may be like “No heart can be as large and no mind can be as stubborn as that of a woman”. The large stated here is in a sense that we can accept whatever comes our way. Acceptance is something that we are expected to possess. But you know what, we would never fiend for yours. Stubborn is something that brings the best in us. Yes, I admit we are hard headed.

Naturally the heart and the mind can never act simultaneously. When the heart acts, it asks the mind to “shut the fuck up”, same when the mind acts, the heart is already fucked up. What if we imagine a situation where both of them act simultaneously but divergently, what would our life and those around us would be like? Surely a chaos. This process ‘is a game of power’. A Game Of power to reconsider every bit we do.

A fight for power, between the heart and the mind. The first attempt, both of them begin with the round 1: ‘who can overpower??’ The one who wins this, is the ultimate winner. Stop! Stop! The game is not yet over. The one winning the round would act, obviously this action would lead to some consequences, and here it is, the time for round 2: ‘critics’. Criticise to an extent that the winner almost losses its senses. This is when the thought process begins. And this is ‘what goes on inside’

At first the heart, takes decision ignoring the cons. Life goes on. At a stage when we get stuck the mind blames the heart for the action. And if, it was mind that took an action leading to such a stuck, the heart never blames, it just goes in a blue funk. This is where they differ the most. The mind being a critic is the best because, it’s obstinate.  Heart being serene can never force us to revenge. When we act with serenity, it’s done heartily and when it’s done with tact, our mind has all controls. Never force the mind of a woman to act, because if it is the only way she chooses to act for you every time, I fear you’d never come across her composure.

There are hell lot of things continuously striking our head, even if we stand muted before you. And ‘what goes on’ inside is a game of power.


-Aashima Takkar









What goes on inside a Woman?
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