December 16, 2012 and now February 4, 2015. What has changed? Absolutely nothing except the place. Earlier it was Delhi and now Rohtak and the brutality remains the same.

We all remember Nirbhaya, don’t we? A profound example of the brutality of some men and of the extreme patriarchy in our society. After this incident, people took to streets, candles in their hands, anger in their words, demanding safety from government. But at the same time, within the confines of their homes, daughters were being given another set of guidance- “don’t stay away from home till late”,    “ wear proper clothes”, “be very conscious of your surroundings”, “here, keep this pepper spray handy” and the list never ends. Great suggestions I must say. But, till what extent will they help?

After every single rape-case that gets reported we question our society’s mindset, we question the safety measures of government, we vent out our anger against those who find pleasure in such things. But do we question ourselves? Our way of life? Did we ever do anything for this issue about which we feel such disgust? How many of us take the responsibility to teach their children especially their beloved sons to respect women? How many of us try to change our own thinking and give due respect to every single girl irrespective of the way she wears her clothes or behaves? How many of us take a step forward to protect the girl being molested in front of your eyes? How many of us have never thought of any girl in some creepy way?

You see a girl and you say “Oh! She looks hot.” But as soon as you notice a guy teasing that girl, you say “What else to expect when you dress like a slut.” We say “Girls and women are the base-stones of our community and we should respect them” but then next moment we teach our girls to behave and constrain them within millions of restrictions while all our beloved boys never get even one statement on respecting girls. We say girls should be allowed to pursue their dreams and should be free but due to innumerable fears we cut their wings. We carry out “Beti-bachao” campaigns but we hardly care to build a safe environment for them. Kudos to the whims of our modern and enlightened minds!

Where do rapists come from? Mars? or Jupiter? or some other undiscovered planet? But newspapers and all reports say they are no aliens and they come from our own planet and our own society. They are a product of our extreme-patriarchal society with a long history of suppressing the fairer-gender and also blaming them for all the wrongs that happen to them. They say “it’s all your fault”. What is this “fault”? Being a girl? Wearing the clothes you like? Enjoying shopping a bit late? Going out with friends? Being a bit late to home because you got stuck somewhere? This “fault” is so mysterious.

One thing is for sure, NO GIRL WANTS TO BE RAPED. She dresses the way she likes, she behaves the way she finds apt, she does what appeals to her but in doing so she is for sure not “inviting” people to molest her. She wants to live her life as she pleases and why cannot she have this freedom? This is her life and she should have all the right to live however she wants to and do whatever she pleases without being looked down as a slut or an ill-mannered person. If you give your boys all the freedom and you respect their decisions, why bind girls in a cage they do not deserve?



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