With Digvijay Singh’s acceptance of his affair with journalist Amrita Rai, the news has created a lot political storm. This is not happening in our country for the first time that an old man going after a young woman. Every other man is doing the same. All news channels were on high on volume, when the news was telecasted highlighting Digvijay’s alleged affair with Raj Sabha TV journalist. Digvijay is not the first politician to be smitten by a TV anchor. Digvijay Singh, who is 67-year old, is also a widower. On the other hand, Amrita a grown woman at 43, married to Anand Pradhan.

Here is the scenario: With this election season in its last phase, this news of Digvijay’s relationship has raised many eyebrows.  Every second man is making a fuss out of it. Where does age and morality comes in the picture? As we all know that we live in a nation, where extra-marital relationships, relationships having huge age differences are considered as next to committing a crime. Later on, no matter what will be the result but a huge hype is created in channels, interviews and social media. As we are aware of that famous tagline, “A lot can happen over a cup of coffee”. But here it seems a lot more to happen over channels when those cuddly selfies were leaked and went viral on social media.

The angle of the story is like that they both have decided marry each other. Every person has a right to have a second chance to love and romance. The reason why nobody is bothered for this masala news, as Digvijay is the Congress most loyal retainer and he has its own league. He is also one of the the most disliked public defenders of Rahul Gandhi. To harm his public image, is like targeting Congress.

Are we not aware about the secret relationship of Kashi Ram with Mayawati? This is not new to politics. I guess it is high time people should concentrate on the upcoming results, as things like this come and go. So, move on people.



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