Siblings play a vital role in a person’s life. He is the first ever companion a kid gets, to share everything starting from funny things, their toys, food and their secrets. At the time of pregnancy, the older sibling is often informed of his soon to arrive younger brother or sister at some point. After knowing this, some of the older siblings’ attitudes change and they get scared of their status – as to how they would be treated by their parents after the newborn. But some children get ready to welcome this new companionship. This wholly depends on the parents’ advice to their child before the birth of the newborn. Being brought up in an environment where parents take care of them only, the sibling becomes insecure.

Some parents fail to manage situations created by the insecurities of the first child. They keep pampering the new child. To manage this they should start telling the child about the new kid in an constructive way, as to how the newborn is going to entertain her, how he is going to share everything, how he is going to be a companion who one can play with all the time. Once he understands this, he would eagerly wait for his/her new brother/sister. Once the new child is born, the parents should pamper both of them equally, so that, further problems aren’t created.

There are different kinds of sibling relationships like the ones between younger Sister-elder brother, elder sister-younger brother, younger-elder brother, twin sisters or twin brothers, etc. Their bonding is different in each. Attachment between them develops in the absence of a primary caretaker. They would rely on each other for mutual support. The nature of attachment differs from their childhood to their adulthood. Once they are grown ups and would be getting married, they would be separated and their lives would become busy with their better halves. The unmarried sibling would miss the other. There are some cases where siblings are greatly attached to each other even when they are in their sixties. So it purely depends on the individual’s situation as to getting attached to his sibling or not and whether it would last till the end.



The First ever Companionship of a Child
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