“The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence.”

You remember in kindergarten when we use to make those ugly drawings, depicting no talent or artistic skill, and how proudly we used to display them. With such open enthusiasm, so proud of our accomplishments, even if they sucked. What happened to that unabashed confidence?  When did we start bathing in insecurity?

So many people today are so anxious. That feeling we face before answering a question we know the answer to, the message we re-type multiple times in fear of the impression we will make to the person on the other side of the screen or maybe the fear of our own brain’s spinning wheels. What we feel, when we feel that we may not actually deserve something. That feeling that we might be good, but not good enough. A mediocrity that we all, at some point in our lives, have dealt with. That feeling that we are just not good enough. A sense of doubt. On not only the situation, but our abilities do deal with them.

Every day of our mortal existence we are plagued with insecurities. In fact in so many Greek mythologies mention instances where even the gods have been burdened by these emotions. The story of fire featuring Zeus and Prometheus, where Prometheus wanted mankind to have fire, but Zeus, the King of Gods refused to share it with the mortals in the fear that they might become more powerful than the Gods and stop worshiping them. Although Prometheus stole the fire anyway and was brutally punished for it. This incident highlights the fear of gods to lose followers. It talks about their insecurity to become irrelevant. Another incident talking about personal insecurity in the realm of the Greek gods is the infamous kidnapping and then marriage of Persephone to God of underworld, Hades. He saw her , got enchanted by her beauty and kidnapped her. Took her to underworld.  And married her. Now could he have not approached the Goddess of Spring with some flowers and tried to woo her. No, his personal insecurities made him adhere these drastic actions.

It’s something we all face on a daily basis. The reflection in the mirror that stares back is just not good enough. The laugh that lacks a certain joy.

The words which we write not smart enough. All this attributes well to the fact that today so many people face some form of anxiety. It can be a crippling feeling. Coldplay captured the struggle perfectly in the lyrics- “When you try your best, but don’t succeed”. This feeling of inadequacy mixed with pinch of self loathing. See the thing to remember is that in this struggle you are not alone.

We keep worrying what others might think of us, that we often overlook the fact that they might also be feeling something on the same lines. Everybody is so wrapped in their own issues, that they really don’t notice all the things you do about yourself. After all you know yourself better, including all the flaws. There is a reason why we are our harshest critics. Think of the worst case scenario, it might not actually be as bad as you think. We often overplay it in our head. We have to remember that we are our own person. Own it. Live it . Love it. Never be ashamed of who you are. An advice I got from my big sister was where I was nervous with a fear of failing is to give it a shot. What do we really have to lose? We probably have more to gain.

Do it for the experience. If you succeed you get the confidence, if you don’t, you get the story.



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