For every football fan , the countdown has begun . 12 th June is the most popular date on everyone’s calander , ofcourse after 26th may (Namo Day).   This time it is going to get bigger and better , as the friends of Barclays Premiere League will become national foes.  Best teams like Brazil , Spain, Germany, Argentina, Portugal , Netherland , Itlay , France ,Uruguay , England etc. will fight for the title of world champions.

I am not going to discuss strategies , strengths ,weakness or schedule of the world cup , for that refer TOI . I am a football fan  myself  and I would like   to share the magic moments of FIFA. Let me take you back to the World cup final of France V/s Itlay  2006 , who can forget Zinedine Zidane’s epic head butt to Marco Materazzi and the penalty shoot out which resulted in an historic win for Itlay. Coming a little forward –World cup final Spain vs Netherland 2010 , Iniesta’s engineered master stroke resulted in an epic win for Spain. Heart breaking early exit of five times world champions BRAZIL was the most shocking moment of 2010 world cup. I remember I lost a bet to my friend in 2010 ,during the world cup. The match was Argentina v/s Germany and no prizes for guessing that Argentina lost it (4-1) and I still blame Argentina for my personal loss of 200 rupees which I lost in the bet.

Well for me these were the most memorable moments of FIFA , it will be different for every individual as everyone’s experiences will be different from mine. For many these moments may have gone unnoticed. Coming back to 2014 , get ready to relive  the excitement and emotions. I know the heart of every football fan is sprinting as the D-Day is just 16 days away.




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