Hello!! Haan hum nawab hain aur hello kehte hain!! Social networking is the new big thing and I blog. Well!! 15 Febuary,2015 , Jeet gye !! jeet gye!! As soon as the Indian team hit the all out button!!

A tsunami of news anchors ,eating the last bite of their happy meal, obvious hai yaar!! Shoaib ki bouncer and kamli ke slog sweep se koi bhi pakk jaye!! Yes , I am talking about the not so popular TRPed shows on every news channel!!

“Dhyan se dikhiye Akmal machar bhi nhi pakad pata, ”Kya toss ka sikka khota tha”. I mean seriously why!!

Everyone was busy watching the century of Kohli and Mohona(Panda) had no clue about all the bheed and halla gulla!! “Main pizza khaa rhi thi ,neeche shor machne ,I ran wearing my paan ki peek wala kurta to see if all the bheed is for Aloo Tikki” said Mohona.

Uncensored, unapologetic and bindass are some of the adjectives of INDIA WALE and everyone was glued to the scene!! “Shouting ,when the Maggie Man hit the reckless shot” and dancing when Raina started the fire crackers.”

I even heard from a friend of mine , Even Literary Fest screened the match for their volunteers and guest. “The event mainly sucked , but the live telecast of the IND VS PAK match was the best thing ,every volunteer had a smile on their face” said Simona, Volunteer!!

In the end, I heard LCDs broke in Pakistan!!

Nation wants to know ,why so much anger!! 😉 😀



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Devansh Saxena

“Life begins with an expression” I aspire to be a writer, I like capturing emotions, expressions of daily life through my pen. According to me writing is a gift which god gave us to express ourselves. I write every moment I live , I feel every thing has a story behind it. My journey has started as my story has just begin… Its all about finding the writer in you . Share my blog if you can relate with my writing.

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