When a runaway bride walked into a coffee shop. It was not the start of some joke but the start of cultural phenomena that not only changed the lives of many people but also the very face of television. The way in which we consume comedy. Many people, including myself believe this is one of the greatest television shows ever created.

And unless you live under a rock or something, you must have heard about Friends. The show revolves around the   comedic ,romantic , financial and all other type of adventures in the lives of six friends living in New York .

In 1994 when the show premiered the makers  David Crane and Marta Kauffman had to go through a lot heads and convince a lot of people to let them make this show. After several script rewrites and changes, including the development which made the show central around the lives of six friends instead of having some characters as just supporting cast .



The idea for the series was conceived when Crane and Kauffman began thinking about the time when they had finished college and started living by themselves in New York; Kauffman believed they were looking at a time when the future was “more of a question mark”. And the then-president of NBC Entertainment  was seeking a comedy involving young people, living together and sharing expenses of a memorable periods of their lives with friends, who had become “new, surrogate family members”. But still the process from conceptualization to creation went through a lot of alterations and changes. For example, First both Chandler and Phoebe were both only supporting  cast and now regulars.

And some other changes came into play after the casting was complete.


Actors have a way of changing the way we look at a certain character. They bring in heart and soul to the characters that even the writers did not see coming. Chemistry plays a pivotal role in determine the story line. One of the most iconic TV love story of Ross and  Rachel came into existing because of great chemistry.

Today the world is very different than what it was like in  1994 when the show was created. And even in 2004 when the creators broke every fans heart and closed shop and ended the series. The world was very different than what it is today.  But we still love the show. There is  something  magical about it that even today if you think about the series you feel like watching it.

Friends is not just a show but also a phenomenon. The fact that 20 years later we still have the same love and adoration for the characters speaks immensely about the series. It has provided us with so many laughs, few tears and an emotional roller-coaster. The witty quotes added color to the characters and increased the popularity of the show. In any situation, no matter how happy or how sad you are you can watch the show and for those 22 minutes(maybe longer as you need to pause the show to laugh at the jokes) forget everything and enjoy the episode.

It doesn’t matter if you are having a good day or bad one, you could watch any one of the 236 episode and enjoy yourself. Because the show is genuinely hilarious. I cannot choose the best episode or the greatest season. Because there are so many great ones. And if you know what I am talking about, stand up and start banging your hands together.

Friends still remains one of the most beloved TV sitcoms of all-time, which is made more impressive by the fact that it’s the only show from over a decade ago that everyone still seems to be watching on a constant, almost mind-numbing loop. Binge watching Friends still remains many fans  favorite weekend activity.



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