The Examination  season is back in association with the Marriage  Season (lol) . All the college going boys and girls are getting ready for the examination and also planning for the upcoming marriages to attend. But there is one slight problem, which is that we have to STUDY!!!
Our parents expect us to finish the course at least three times before going to an event, students who don’t have to attend any event are facing a bigger problem of sitting on their study table and simply concentrating in their notebook.


Did you do this?

After the trail of inventions on social networking sites it becomes extremely difficult for us to concentrate and study. 
The following are the 6 things which we do during exams. 

1. We are on our Study Table with a lot of eatables like Cold drink, Chips, Chocolates and Toffees. That our parents have bought for us so that we don’t feel hungry. But we start acting like a Zombie once our parents have left. We start eating all these things without bothering to STUDY!.


2. Late Night study often turns out to be Music sessions. We lie down on our bed or sit on our study table with books and earplugs. Unfortunately Ear plugs start dominating us. However after sometime we realize that it is too late and we must study a chapter or two before going to bed and so we follow what we have decided and open the book. We go through the chapter without going deep into it and then sets an alarm for the early morning revision. 



3. It is impossible to get up early in the morning- The alarm is ringing, we open our eyes to check out the time. Then we decide to sleep for 5-10 mins more before getting up so in order to sleep a little more, we snooze our Alarm Clock. After one hour we get up and start eating something. Its around 6 when our mother or father comes to our room and asks “Kabse Padh Rahe Ho” We- “4 baje se”
What? What did you just say 4?  😛  



4. Texting, Calling and Socializing- A study must be conducted on the students during exams. It is just impossible to study without socializing. Its like more important than breathing, to ask our friend “Kitna Hoogya.”
It satisfies us by ensuring that their are other people like me who have not yet started or completed.

Our rate of Texting or Calling during exams  increases by almost 50%. 



5. Checking out the Last Year Papers- It is indeed an integral part of study during Examination but our generation misuses it. We tend to waste more time analyzing the previous years paper rather than studying for our Exams.
We tend to skip the modules which have more than 2 question in the previous paper. 


6. The Study Breaks and Late Night study sessions for people who have to attend ceremonies and upcoming events tends to become grooming sessions. When we try out your different clothes, make up and what not. These days Flipkart-ing is on a rise too 😛
For others it is more of after exam activities, when we go away in your own dream world, planning a list of things after exams – parties, gaming sessions and what not.


You are not the only one 😛

 This is the general state of affairs with every one of us 🙂 😉



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