A variety of individuals have questioned whether or not, education is a commodity. The unfortunate fact is that in the age of globalization and a technology based economy, education sure is a commodity. What you know and how much you know determines largely, where you will go in your life. We treat higher education as a commodity- no different from the raw materials we use for manufacturing goods.

This perception of education being a commodity, unfortunately has only worked to increase the competition of getting into schools where the education is considered to be worth the student’s or their parent’s money and that money is used to cover the cost of marketing one’s school in the education market.

Investing in education pays off just as investing in the stock market does, provided you wait long enough. Attending a better school gets you a better job and a better income. In other words, a certified level of education is a commodity-something that is useful and can be turned to commercial advantage. Much like with other investments however, one must have the patience to wait and watch the value of one’s education grow, before one receives a payoff. The reality that schools are institutions imbued with social meaning does not contradict the reality that schooling is also a commodity that can be bought and sold, one whose supply responds to cost and demand and other rules of economics.

Education in the era of globalization is a commodity and as such, it is labelled, branded, marketed and sold to eager young consumers, anxious to provide themselves with the best education that money can buy, figuring that the more expensive one’s education is, the more payoffs the investment will have in the end. Unfortunately, the value of an education is subjective and in many cases, the investment never pays off.



Education as a Commodity in the 21st Century
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