If you think dating… affairs… pre martial sex… casual flirting and one night stands are still a taboo in India. I think you should give second thoughts about it. Now even in the conservatives in urbanized societies ,one can easily find couples moving around holding hands, kissing in cars, in parking lots, cinema halls etc… yes you can say this is always a secret game, cause of the pressure of parents and society, but I think more the pressure, more is the force of rebel against society rules . WHAT YOU DEFINE THIS AS LOVE OR INFATUATION …..  Are u sure about It? Is it just lust or love plays an important part in it. Lust is a rehabilitated of consciousness program by the primeval urge to reproduce or sexual pleasure. Studies suggest that the brain in this phase is much like on drugs. MRI scans illustrate that the same area lights up when a fanatic get a fix of cocaine as when a person is experiencing the tense lust of physical attraction. It could be generated from red dress or even a perfume. You can never say what can drive you for lust. Psychiatrist have seen how intense sexual attraction is notorious of eradicating sagacity and intuition in most sensible people.

In India now people are very open towards this fact that sex is also an important part of the modern lifestyle. What you call it? Animpact of western culture? Or is it just a generation tendency? It is not easy to explain what could be the basic factor that has brought about this change in the thinking of the society specially age group of 16 to 25. Studies show that 36 percent of women who are 20 to 25 have sex with more than one partners whereas this number increase in males by slight percent. There is a rise in number of abortion. Pre martial sex is common and we can find tons-tons of example from our surroundings. ‘I slept with my husband before marriage,’ admits Neelima, ‘we couldn’t stop ourselves.’ She even admits that she had to have an abortion once. ‘It was an accident and I don’t think I did anything wrong. There is no point bringing an unwanted baby into this world.’ Neelima’s attitude towards pre-marital sex does not reflect her background, as she was brought up in an extremely conservative Marwari family with plenty of restrictions. This perhaps alienated her from her parents. ‘I was not close to either of them,’ she says. Dr. S.K. Som, psychiatrist, comments on this very fact and says, ‘First of all, there is nothing wrong or abnormal in teenagers having love affairs or going steady. In fact love is natural, given the circumstances.’ However, less time is devoted to children than before and in nuclear families there are often no substitute parents either. Further, there is a lot about sex in the media today. All this tempts teens to experiment. Sometimes it can go very wrong. ‘It is only when romantic relationships lead to problems like unwanted pregnancies, early marriages, eloping or emotional disturbances, that it can become problematic. Mostly I have seen parents worry far more than necessary,’ he says. Dr. Som has counseled both boys and girls disturbed by broken love affairs.

As I already said more the restriction and imbalance of time and love from the parents, more is the attraction towards the other sex. Time with their partners gives them the mental and emotional satisfaction they have craved for. What you think is the basic reason behind people falling a prey in this sex war. Is it the changing trend? An impact of cultures???? Is it the media that should be blamed for? Or our carelessness as parents and guides? What would be the long term impact of this on the society? Will our next generations start following live-in relationships and will not give importance to marriages? Will one-night- stands will be part of regularmundane? Will children start attending their parent’s marriages? Like they do in western society… what is your opinion about it? Is it just a transition phase or loss of culture and identity? Will freely talking about sex in society help us?There so many questions that need to be answered. You cannot say a person is committing any crime in this, they have their right to choose their partner. Few fix on one, few keep on moving like a bee.

What is your idea about your relationship, how often it leads to love from lust or vice-versa?

This study could well define or give a hint to India’s biggest problem “SEXUAL ASSUALTS ON WOMAN”. Even after saying that LUST is an uncontrollable urge, I can never even imagine why a person will rescind someone’s life just to satisfy his urge. If it’s with your partner’s consent its cool, it’s romantic. But forcefully it’s just pain not for that moment but for the times to follow. Not just physical, emotional and psychological dents are hard to fill in. Sexual assault on will never make u “MACHO”, respecting her will.  People in India have to understand this if they want to call themselves a modern civilized society, double standards against woman in the society will not be accepted.



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