It was post their FIRST anniversary party when he took OFF his belt and spanked it on her naked body. She loved him head over heels but the wedding ring on her finger was more of a burden NOW. It was a meagre weight sitting on her hand, tearing her apart each SECOND.

Kabir and Kiara were COLLEGE time sweethearts. They would hold hands during lectures, hug each other WHILST we would hog in the mesh and be lost in each-others’ eyes during presentations. They would kiss each other on the street, spoon feed each other and call each other those clichéd names. It was beautiful how they could complete each-others’ sentences and even read one anothers’ minds. We were ALL sure that they’d settle together and they did; they got engaged right after they were awarded their masters degrees.

Kiara would put up statuses for him. Not JUST statuses, she would upload pictures and lovey-dovey captions to go with them. We thought they were gleed in their tiny universe UNTIL Kiara broke the news about being beaten up by Kabir to her best friend, Avantika. No, she didn’t cheat on him or hurt his bloated chauvinist ego; ALL she did was dance at her own anniversary party.

She forgave him considering that he was drunk but soon, emotional and physical abuse housed as a habit WITHIN Kiara. Time and again, Kabir would beat her up, yell slangs at her and tag her ‘ugly’ , ‘fat’ and ALL such words. Each time she fell apart and LATER picked herself up, putting back each broken piece of her heart and soul. There weren’t major issues between them; the SOLE problem was Kabir’s ego. HE thought violence would set things right, he thought it would prove him to be RIGHT in each situation.

Kiara still stuck to him because her heart was bloated with LOVE for him but her breaking point arrived soon; not because she was FED UP but because he raised his hand on their daughter. It was that ONE day that changed Kiara’s LIFE forever. She knew that this man couldn’t prioritise his FAMILY over his ego and esteem; she knew UNCONDITIONAL love wouldn’t change him. She walked out not for HERSELF, but for the purpose of her LIFE, for her daughter.

Yeah, it is good to have a SELF ESTEEM, it sure is essential to put forth one’s opinions and set of mind but emotional or physical violence is no solution. No matter how MUCH love is binding two people, there comes a point where you would be tired of ALL the pushing. There certainly would be a point where it wouldn’t be tough to get rid of the heavy wedding band; yes, it would be easy to give up because women too NEED to be respected and no, you don’t get the right to beat them up ONLY because they have a brain of their own and deny to act as your puppets.



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