Breaking up of parents greatly causes problems in a child’s life. He would end up struggling in his life. Even in his everyday tasks like making dinner or doing his homework he would find difficult to cope with. Most parents make some mistakes after their divorce.They make their child a messenger. As a result,they face emotional stress which forces them to handle situations on their own. Parents should try to use technology like email,phone after they have seperate. E-mail is an effective and excellent tool to communicate with an ex-spouse. It allows one to specifically discuss the practicalities of raising a child without any problem. They should be careful while speaking over the phone,because the future of the child purely depends on what he overhears and perceives.


The other thing is that they should share their bad feelings with their older children. The kids will end up thinking that their entire love life was a failure. Parents should get outside help for themselves, they should get therapy if necessary.Parents should always listen to their kids.Parents shouldn’t tell the kids about their viewpoints which is a criticism of his/her dad.They should make their child spend time with their ex-spouse. The kids should be with both their parents. The parents should give their kid the feeling of being with their parents even after their divorce. Parents try to be as normal as they can with their kids,they should make their child feel happy. Parents’ Divorce shouldn’t affect the child in anyway.



How a Divorced Parent should be?
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