Being the youngest sister amongst the three, I have been always pampered, over-protected, scolded, loved, and admired. If you too are the youngest amid your siblings, you may perfectly connect to what I am going to say. As everything has two sides, there are advantages and also disadvantages of being the little one. Right now, I am in my second year of college, next year I will graduate and will be 20, but still, I am considered a small kid and will always be treated as one.

There are sometimes situations when it’s lovable to be a small little cranky naughty sister. I just enjoy being one, especially when my parents have to go out and whole responsibility is on us; three daughters. It is so pleasant, because I have to do nothing and just watch television, dance, sing, and do pranks with my sisters and the best part is, they would not even scold me but enjoy along with me. It is so peaceful to watch my two princesses’ laugh and smile because of me. Their smiles are priceless.

I feel most benefit able, as in each situation there is one or the other who takes my side. If mommy is upset, papa and both my sisters support me; if my sisters are upset then mommy helps me to cheer them up; and papa is easy to handle, after all I am his little girlJ. I am said many times as the source of cheerfulness and joy in my family and I try to maintain it, because being so little amongst my sister, who is 10 years elder to me, I can give her nothing but lots of smiles and happiness.

It is sometimes even difficult and intolerable to be on the same position. In situations, wherein I need permission of my elders I have to go through different levels. Level 1: my sisters, Level 2: my mommy, Level 3: my papa. If at any stage, I get a negative answer I have to start all over again. Sometimes it is very irritating and suffocating to be the youngest, especially in circumstances like this. For instance; I remember, how at the issue of buying a new phone I had to convince my sister, who gave me such a strict answer about the budget and cause of that I ended up buying a bad phone. L

But whatever you say, it is great to be small. I don’t understand why people all the time wish of being grown up, I seriously don’t want to grow up. I want these barriers, barriers which are soft as cotton and which protect me from falsehood. There is only complain which I have to my elders, they always say that I don’t think about others but I wish that one day I may be powerful and successful enough to show them that I love them a lot and can do a lot for them. They are the only people I have and need. They have pampered me so much that I cannot be courageous enough to cry or express myself in front of them, I have been always demanded to be a strong body so that I can take care of my princesses’, it is not then easy to shatter in front of them. I love them and I love even more to be loved by them.

Who wants to be grown! I just want to be a kid…always.



Diary of the Youngest Sister
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Sakshi Sharma

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