Desire Foundation-a unit of trust-since its inception on 10th February 2014,pledges to transform lives of people on the edges of society, supervise evens and uplift the scholastic and cultural heritage of our Nation.

The student cell of Desire Foundation operating in Bhubaneswar has taken up various projects for fulfilling their cause.

Project Khawaish- Basically aims at providing a platform for the underprivileged and orphans to learn art, music, dance and drama which would otherwise have remained an unfulfilled desire in their hearts. The project looks forward to make these children feel one among us and give them an opportunity to share the same stage with the so called fortunate ones thus fulfilling their KHAWAISH. Litter of Light-Desire Foundation took up this project with the aim to provide an ecologically and economically sustainable source of light to under privileged households that do not have access to electricity or are unable to afford it. Organising a workshop on 17th May,2014, on Model United Nations-An opportunity to improvise

1.Public Speaking Skills

2.Debating Skills

3.Writing Skills

4.Diplomacy at Durgapur Public Institute.

The endeavour will provide a platform for students to learn to act as a delegate of a country and calibrate their bureaucracy from National level debate champions.

On the occasion of World Book Day 2014, the foundation took up its new project of Donation of Books. Old used and unused books are being collected in huge numbers from friends, seniors and juniors willing to donate. These books are to be sold in the market and the money will be used to buy books for children of the slums who otherwise will not be able to afford it.

The Desirers had an interesting encounter with two kids, roaming about ragged on the roads of Patia, Bhubaneswar. On interrogating, they found out that the kids do not have a mother, get brutally beaten up by their father and so they decided to run away from home. The harsh striking reality is that they are no better than orphans even with a father. Providing food for a day is no permanent solution, hence Desire Foundation is trying its level best to seek permanent shelter for them and provide sustained education to such kids.

Charity can never eradicate poverty, and so we the DESIRERS are not here to do charity. We are a social business group seeking to help in the sustainable growth and betterment of society and the youth.



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Our vision and mission is clear by our name. Yes we have a mission to Eltrivate everyone. The nation is growing, developing and evolving, so if today you aren’t at pace with the society you will be left behind forever.

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