Delhi is yet again gearing up for elections. With U-Turn allegations, lawyers appealing not to vote for Kiran Bedi, BJPs set of questions for Arvind Kejriwal, opinion polls going haywire, social media fights between AAPtards and Modibots the scenario at the capital is intense and consuming.

The Delhi elections will not be a cakewalk for Bharatiya Janta Party. Party’s senior leaders have realized this and they are leaving no stone unturned. Amit Shah, the party’s president, himself stepped in to lead the fight. Modi wave was strong enough to drench the country. But State Elections are different. Delhi is different.

Things for party’s CM candidate Kiran Bedi, too are not going well. The former IPS officer despite being a popular face in Delhi, has failed to capitalize on her image. She’s struggling and has barely managed to pull any crowds. Because of her fiasco in recent interviews, the fight is not Kiran Bedi v/s Arvind Kejriwal, but rather Rahul Gandhi v/s Kiran Bedi. However, an honest and tough office, with many enemies as well as supporters, Kiran Bedi determines to give a tough fight.

Aam Adami Party on other the other hand has a fair chance to be back in power. They have convinced people that they have not run away and are prepared to lead Delhi for at least next 5 years. Party volunteers already had the head start in campaigning as compared to BJP who is figuring out things at the end moment. The marketing efforts for AAP have paid off quite well, both in terms of reach as well as popularity.

Party’s leader and CM candidate Arvind Kejriwal, is fighting on the same agenda of corruption, price rise, women’s safety and youth as he did the last time. He has already apologized for his 49 debacle and party is on par with its promises and people’s expectations. His honest, hardworking and transparent image is expected to pay off well.

Indian National Congress with some big names will be hoping for a miracle here. Rahul Gandhi managed to gather some supporters during his recent roadshows but gathering votes still seems a distant dream. Ajay Maken, party’s CM candidate, knows the challenges ahead of him. With such a massive downfall, it will take some time for Congress to regain its momentum as well as lost respect.

Will Delhi benefit from BJP at both center and state or AK for CM, Modi for PM philosophy will be the right one? Will appointing Kiran Bedi as CM candidate will prove a trump card for BJP? Will Arvind Kejriwal be able to fulfill his promises if re-elected again? Only time will tell. After such a chaos in economic, social and political arenas, Delhi deserves the best. And let’s just hope that these elections prove to be a turning point for the National Capital.

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Delhi Elections 2015
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