Need a break ? Are you a drummer ? Do you love a social life ?
The Delhi drum circle is your savior. It is a voluntary group.
To be more specific on what exactly is a Drum Circle…
Drum circles are community gatherings where people from all walks of life come together to play hand-drums in a casual, community-orientated and safe environment.

In a conversation with Mr.Rakesh Mathur, Core Team, Delhi Drum Circle.
How did you come up with the idea of Delhi Drum Circle ??

I was a student and still am under Suchet Malhotra some 7 years now, used to play at venues with friends and a friend Margot Bigg from the US met up at TLR cafe in Hauz Khaas village and quizzed about why we don’t have drum circles in the city similar to the US. That is what gave birth to the idea and another friend Anisa Nariman then recessed various locations and came up with the deer park where the stage was set and benches in the park were found ideally placed for a drum circle.

This being a voluntary group attracts people from different realms of life, so how is your personal experience all together ??
People of all ages have a common interest – music – its been a wonderful experience sharing and caring with members who now actually seem to be a close knit family and its been a wonderful journey making so many new friends along the way.
We play we dance we have fun its all free in nature and with no reservations, its addictive, what more would one want
Does this group play for social causes as well..??

Yes we do at orphanages, tihar and any such cause which inspires us. We are non commercial and participation at social causes is totally voluntary.

Who are the core team members of this group and how often do you people meet up for delhi drum circle..?

We meet every fortnight , me, Mohinder Pal Singh Ji , and many others in the group are regulars , Mohinder ji is the eldest and Aditya Bhagvatula the youngest.

For how long has it been in existence ?
The last 4 years
One memory which you will cherish throughout your life, which you have had with this group.

Every jam is new and memorable come cold chill rain or heat we play in so each jam is amazing

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