Dear boys, we girls hate you at times. Well I am not
saying that we are sapphics. We love and adore you, but there are a
few things about you all which drive us crazy!. Even we women have
biggest gripes about the men we love. Now the purpose of this article
is not to doom yourselves to unhappiness  ladies. Just read it and


1)They fixate on what we’re thinking, rather than watching what we are
You see that furrow between their eyebrows when you are simply
doing your work without even speaking to them? They constantly keep
asking us,”What exactly are you thinking?”, when you are actually quiet. We
girls end up saying “nothing”. They ultimately do figure out that it
is a lie and we are not willing to communicate. It is a wrong question
to ask. You don’t need to ask everytime what we are thinking. Maybe we
just need some time alone. You can save the questions about musings
until you see a change in our behaviour. After all you guys always
can’t take a trip to the center of our minds. Just let it go at times!

2)Dominant attitude- What are we? Puppets in your hand? No, right?
Then why do you all like toying with us? Orthodox men always try to
show off their superiority in front of women. They don’t realise that
this act may land them in a tight spot. Your coercive tactics to
subordinate your rivals won’t impress us anyways.

3)They reply us back after hours- Were you messing your hands up with
chewing gum? Or was there a reptile crawling on your mobile screen? Or
perhaps the best excuse you guys have is , “battery was low
sweetheart”. These men text us a “what’s up?” and then
disappear, replying us back after 3 hours. If they do this, then I
assume they are playing some game with you because overthinking is
what women do and all they have got to do , is to sit and enjoy.

4)Touching our phones- Well I won’t say its **TOUCHING** our phone.
Its **SNOOPING**. I mean “what?”. Men don’t just touch your phone .
They read each and every message, the call log and even check our
photos. As if we’ve got a bomb deactivating code. How lame? How over
protective?  Better you men leave us alone with our phones.

5)They use their charm on everyone– “Dude! Am I even existent? Did you
forget that you came out for a movie with me and not with that hot
chic who is seated right next to you?” .That’s what we think
when men try to hang on every word which the *stranger* hot lady is
saying . They forget that they came out for a movie with you and
instead of having a chit-chat with you, they prefer recruiting one of
the sassy women in the hall!

These men drive us insane most of the time- not in
the usual “You drive me crazy ” sense that Queen Brit has been telling
us for years.I mean drive us crazy in the sense “Why the hell are you
like this?” and “Why do you think that is alright” way. They leave us
pondering “Is there any good guy in the world?” Some of them even have
a weird misogynistic attitude . But in the end, they can even be
thoughtful and caring in many ways.



Dear boys, we girls hate you at times
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