“My fingers may be small, but I can still wrap daddy around them”…

Daughters have always been showered with unconditional blessings from their fathers, thus they leave no stone unturned to show their love towards their daddy and getting a tattoo dedicated to your dad is a creative and innovative way of expressing your emotions. Gone are the days when daddy’s little princess were timid and reluctant to go under the needles. Once a compulsion for the illiterate village women then, to gudwana their husband’s name on their wrist, a sign to display their ownership, has now come in vogue with elaborate design and with more room for creativity. It’s been more than a decade since India started reviving the art of tattooing.

Coming back to daddy’s lil girl, a trend started by the Bollywood diva, Priyanka Chopra has taken a toll over the girls of the nation. She has always been admired for her confidence, good looks, acting skills and recently the lady has gained appreciation for the small little tattoo on her wrist dedicated to her daddy.


Flaunting the freshly inked tattoo on her wrist, Arpan Chauhan, a pampered daddy’s girl says, “The reason for getting this tattoo was to show my dad and the rest of the world that I love him more than any other soul in this world. He has and will always be my priority. Though this is something really tiny and cannot sum up my love for him but I know he will like it. He is my strength, my love, my life and I want the world to know that I love him a lot and will always keep doing so. Love u papa and just like this tattoo, I want my papa to stay with me forever.”


The moment that needle pierces into your skin, you know that this thing would last for the rest of your life. I personally believe that you must have a strong reason behind getting that dream tattoo. Like any other daughter’s, my dad was also my childhood hero, but few years back this hero turned into my angel. It has been six years since I lost my dad. I got this tattoo for him because I know he is there, watching over me, guiding me, protecting me from all evils. This is the least I could do for him


So all those girls who have been waiting out there, wondering how to put those words to make your daddy feel special, be bold and think differently this time, get a tattoo for your daddy.  This will all the more strengthen the bond you share. He was the one to teach you how to ride your first bicycle, the one to show you the world around on piggyback rides, the one to take you out on adventure trips, the one to fulfil all your demands and the one to always treat you like a real princess. Hence the saying, “Even if I find my Prince Charming, my daddy will always be my King……”


Tia Kar shows her tattoo.



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