In a brutal crime in New Delhi, a twenty three year old woman murdered her father in his sleep.She smashed her father’s head twenty times with a wicket,piereced his chest with a broken glass and pulled out his pacemaker to make sure he dies in cold blood . Readers before you conceive a false image of the girl’s psychological condition and lament over the degrading values in our society, I am going to throw some light on the case- The father had been raping and sexually assaulting her since the past three years. The case was of incest ! The girl could never gather the courage to report the matter to the police for perhaps she was afraid of the society that would villify her, to rot in a deep dark abyss of social boycott. in this great land of ours the victim is looked upon by each determinant of the community we are a part.of . In such circumstances- where be justice, where be hope, where be joy in the heart of the maiden whose life has been repressed from upheaval by a heinous act of demonic proportions. When the victim needs social rehabilitation to integrate into the world once again into the world once again, we force her to count days in a claustrophobic room in a tumbledown at the end of a never ending alley of despair where the victim spends her nails on blank walls thinking about what her fault was ! Did she wear too short a dress for men to control their barbaric lusr !? Why did she tread that road on her way back to home !? et cetera . The question is meaningless , the answer is a void of futility . All she cares about now is survival , thus she clings on to the flicker of hope , praying that a wind of injustice doesn’t blow it away.



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