Roshni 6Roshni is an independent, daring and courageous woman who takes pride in womanhood. She is an adventurer at heart, an engineer by profession and electronics engineer by education. She comes from a place called Narora in western Uttar Pradesh which is in very proximity of Delhi. Exploring culture, food, people and the myriad way of life is something I close to my heart. She is a trekker, cyclist and a biker as well.

Recently she did Kanyakumari to leh motor biking expedition all alone without any support.She is India’s first in fact world’s first female rider to do this.


Eltrivate: Were your parents accepting  your decision?  Were they supportive of you doing this?

Roshni: I am little adventurous since the childhood. And this is not my first adventure solo I have done few before as well so they are used to of it. But yeah my biking expedition was lot more riskier and dangerous so they said no initially. I had to convince them hard and finally they agreed, they had no other option 😉 Though they were a little concerned about my safety as a girl as well.

Eltrivate: Is it hard to get along with this journey being a girl…it takes a lot more courage right ? What hurdles did you face as a girl?

Roshni: Hmm as a girl I didn’t face any hurdle at all… People were there to support me anytime. I never felt it is unsafe. Coming back to my previous point safety as a girl…I feel we are not safe inside house also mostly rape case happens within known people, neighbors or relatives. Recently 70 years got raped in her own house, don’t tell me she was roaming in miniskirt late night. Every girl faces such kind of problem since her childhood at some or other point of time and height of inhumanity and lust doesn’t even leave 2 years baby there was a news about that recently. So no point of sitting at home thinking we will not go outside as its not safe for us

Eltrivate: Why Kanyakumari to Leh…was it a wild dream or something else ?

Roshni: First thing is its Leh is every biker’s dream. And you get to see all kinda terrains .Starting from vast seat in south to almighty Himalayas in north and no female rider ever did it then I thought why don’t I try this and set a benchmark so that others also can inspired and follow me.

Eltrivate: What are your future plans after this ? What is your next big target ?

Roshni: Ohh that’s a tough question. I have no plans in near future related to biking. But yeah in future definitely I would like to go on Solo Europe trip.

Eltrivate: Any particular reason, you did this all by yourself? What did you really wanna achieve from this? And have you achieved it?

Roshni: Hmm I didn’t want to achieve anything as such neither in wanted to prove anything. Being passionate about the adventure I always had a dream of doing this and I did it 🙂 I tried for sponsorship if I can get at least some support but I didn’t so I thought let’s do it whatever it is.

Eltrivate: Any words said by someone that kept you motivated throughout this journey?

Roshni: Yes there is a saying by Nelson Mandela “I learned that courage is not a sense of fear, but triumph over it”. “The brave man is not he who doesn’t feel afraid but he conquers it”   I don’t follow anyone as such but there are few people who inspires me like I like to follow Sushmita sen and more than that I’m self-inspired

Eltrivate: Alright! Any message for people with similar fire to do what they wanna …or are as free spirited as you? Anything you’d like them to know from your experiences?

Roshni: Being a small town girl if I can chase my dreams why can’t you? When we talk about dreams there is nothing big or small, its a subjective feeling. I strongly believe, everyone in this world is there for a reason but very few realizes that. Be one of them and make a history. Why to follow herd?

I am sure anything big cannot be achieved overnight but with patience, persistence and preservance you will definitely achieve it one day. When I talk about my experience of this trip. The kind of experience I had, I cannot describe in words. Diverse beauty of my country, nice people all over, snow-capped peaks, every moment change in terrain in the north. Presence of army everywhere made me really emotional. We call them “desh ke rakshak “, army nhi to kuch nhi. They are the legends of bravery, courage and supreme sacrifice. They work for us so that around the world 1 billion Indians can carry on pursuing their dreams safely n securely. Absolutely no words for them.

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And Ladakh is such a place one should never miss it. I feel about Manai-Leh stretch particularly wo nhi kiya zindagi me to kuch nhi kiya. That kinda experience it was.

Eltrivate: Do you want to be an inspiration for other women or did you just wanted to set a record which can’t be broken easily?

Roshni: I wanted to inspire women. Having seen other women struggle with the society system, I became interested in contributing everlasting struggle for women emancipation in our country. I wanted to foray into this space and play my part, however big or small and help change the future of India.

And one more line for army “They are the real heroes, without them we are nothing”

Eltrivate: Which is your favorite bike?

Roshni: Duke 390 and Trijmph Bonville .these 2 bikes are my most favorite bikes and would like to own both of future and of course I love Yamaha bikes too.

Eltrivate: What kinda time it took you to prepare for this?

Roshni: It took 7-8 months … Which consist route planning,route confirmation, convince my parents(which was most important and difficult), buying biking gears and bike too. To maintain my fitness level up to the mark and prepare myself mentally for the upcoming challenge

Eltrivate: Maam you traveled from north to south what about east to west?

Roshni: I would love to go east to west. But it may take sometime not in near future.

Eltrivate: Leh to ladakh really sound interesting in Indian context and specially when you are travelling by road…which city or state did you liked d most?

Roshni: Whole India is beautiful but yeah mountain is something which I hold very close to my heart. So I liked the stretch from Mandi-Leh and then Sonamarg. People are very generous, humble very supportive everywhere.

Eltrivate: Any suggestions for improving to tourism at certain places?

Roshni: few road stretches were really bad in between. And highway from Delhi to Panipat, Haryana roadways guys, they were driving buses like so carelessly. It was so scary and dangerous. Govt should have some rule or something like that so that all these things can be paid attention.

Roshni: Manali -Leh was not in good condition but that’s what for we go there. Otherwise what’s the fun.

Eltrivate: Maam you said that you were unable to get any sponsorship then maam how did managed it out? and what was the total the expenditure?

Roshni: Yeah I did it by my own expenditure. I put my all saving into this and total expenditure must be and 1 lakh 20 thoisand excluding bike. Bike also I bought specially for this expedition before this I didn’t have bike

Eltrivate: For how long did this journey lasted?

Roshni: I completed kanyakumari to leh in 10 days. in that 9 rididng days But my complete expedition I have done 5452 kms in 19 days in which 14 riding days. The route was kanyakumari -bangalore- Hyderabad-Nagpur-Agra-Delhi-Manali-leh-khardungla and then leh-srnagar-jammu-delhi -narora(which is my hometown)

Eltrivate: You belong to UP…did you received any help from the young CM?

Roshni: Nope! After my expedition also I didn’t get anything It is such a big feat .govt should encourage such kind of acts but I didn’t get any appreciation from them yet.

Eltrivate: Back here in UP, women are treated badly, so any msg that you wanna give to the women here?

Roshni: I would not agree with that it happens only in UP. In fact there are other states of India where discrimination and bad behaviour with girls is more common and this is the ever lasting struggle ,how much ever we are educated ,independent but still we are told that you are always second of lesser. However I my parents never differentiated on that part, they raised me just as a human being.

I just want to convey a message to every parent. Please raise your daughter as an individual. Don’t make her feel you are a girl, you are not supposed to go outside, you’re not supposed to go to school etc etc. Don’t just dolled them up for marriage. Make them independent, send them to school. Give them good education make a friendly relationship with them.

Eltrivate: Maam, any changes that this trip has brought in you?

Roshni: Yes of course. I have got more love for my country, more respect for Indian Army. More love for the people of my country.

But one bad thing I felt about people. People don’t use dustbins. On those high mountains also people used to throw poly bags wrappers plastic bottles that really made me pissed off. Everyone should understand that responsibility. I know dustbins are not available everywhere but we can keep that kachra in our bags n can dispose whoever we get dustbins.



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