Rahul SainiThe author of Those Small Lil. things in Life and Love, Just like in the Movies, Paper back Dreams, The Orange Hangover and his recent launch Just for You- Rahul Saini in an exclusive conversation with Eltrivate. 

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Eltrivate: How and why did you make a shift in your life (from architecture to novelist)?

Rahul: I think it was very gradual. I started writing as soon as I graduated and over time had lesser and lesser time to do anything else other than writing. Writing offered me more creative freedom and the possibility to reach a much wider audience; I think that is why I made this shift.

Eltrivate: Who was your inspiration?

Rahul: Everything around me inspires but I am at the height of my creativity when I am travelling. There is something about moving vehicles and me – when I am sitting in a bus or a car, I somehow get so many ideas and stories that it’s not even funny!

Eltrivate: How does it feel to be a writer of national bestsellers?

Rahul: Honestly, it does not feel any different. I still do all the things that I used to do and people still misbehave and insult me whenever they get a chance. 

Eltrivate: In your opinion, are sequels welcomed by the Indian audiences ? Do you wish to write one?

Rahul: I think all well written books are always welcome by the readers may it be a sequel or a stand alone novel. I have a story for what happens next to all the character from my Latest book Just For You. I think I am gonna pen down a sequel.  

Eltrivate: Do you want your writings to appear on the silver screen?

Rahul: It would be wonderful to see my writings appear on the silver screen but I think I would need to assure that the director gets the essence of my stories.

Eltrivate: According to you which novel of yours is the best for converting into a film?

Rahul: I think all of them would make very interesting movies. Each one has strength of own.

Eltrivate: What is the story of Just for you?

Rahul: Just for You essentially touches the throws light on the idea that what happens when you take your loved one for grated and become very possessive about them. It’s a story of all the challenges that an author goes though in his private and professional life.

Eltrivate: Who inspired you write this story? How’s is the market response?

Rahul: The market response has been very good. The book is hitting the bestsellers list across India.

I have observed the relationship patterns of young people for quite some time now and I have realized that different relationships pivot on different connections. There are some relationships that exist because of a very strong emotional connect, there are some relationships that exist on a very intellectual level and there are some relationships that work on a very physical level. It was this observation that inspired me to write this novel.

Eltrivate: What next?  When is your next novel coming out? Any plans?  If yes then please do share the story with us.

Rahul: I am working on two projects simultaneously these days. One is a story of all the characters from Just for You and what happens in their life next. The other one is a supernatural adventure drama. Let’s see which one I finish first.  

Eltrivate: Do you wanna give out any message to the young and enthusiastic writers out in the field?

Rahul: Be honest with your writing otherwise you would never be able to create your space. And keep working hard – there is no other way to move ahead.

Eltrivate: Is it difficult for new writers to get their work published. Did you also face these challenges?

Rahul: I can’t deny that – I did have my struggling phase. But if you keep at it, everything follows. Don’t give up – that’s the mantra.

Eltrivate: How to tackle those challenges and get their first work published?

Rahul: You need a lot of patience. Understand the situation, run it in your mind and then decide what to do. Impulsive and aggressive actions backfire most of the time.

Eltrivate: Do you want to send out a message for your readers?

Be honest. Like a harmless and happy life. It’s ok if you fail to become a good professional but if you fail to become a good human being, you fail everything.




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