novoneelNovoneel Chakraborty, the author of four national bestselling novels –  A Thing Beyond Forever,That Kiss in the Rain, How about a Sin Tonight? and Ex. He is currently based in Mumbai and working as a screenwriter. 

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Novoneel talks with us about his upcoming novel and also shares his experiences with us.
Eltrivate: What or who inspired you to write?

Novoneel: Writing for me was a discovery which happened during the second year of my college. Back then I was rather clueless about what exactly to do in life. Characters and stories started shaping up in my mind at random. To get them out of my system I started writing them. The more I wrote, the more I was filled with different stories. I soon realized this was my true calling.1404929_10151962832159168_720466809_o

Eltrivate: Did you ever imagine yourself to becoming a novelist? Was it your dream?

Novoneel: It wasn’t a dream. In fact I aspired to become a sportsman as a kid but for some reason that didn’t happen. It was only in college that I discovered the storyteller in me.

Eltrivate: How does it feel to be a writer of 4 bestselling novels?

Novoneel: Personally, I think the best part about writing popular novels is the fact that it allows you to get in touch with and know new people. New people give you fresh insights about life which in turn doesn’t let you remain stuck in a bubble. Being rigid about your own subjectivity is suicidal for any author. Also, the appreciation from my readers keeps me all the more motivated.

Eltrivate: Do you want to continue the style of writing you have now or experiment?

Novoneel: Soon I shall start experimenting with my writing style a bit along with writing commercial novels.

10464001_10152524075704168_5046999300432060348_nEltrivate: Do you want your writings to appear on the silver screen?

Novoneel: I sure would love to see another mind (the film director) interpret my work through the language of cinema.

 Eltrivate: According to you which novel of your is the best for making a film?

Novoneel: I think my last novel ‘EX…a twisted love story’ should be really interesting to watch on screen.

Eltrivate: What’s next? When is your next novel releasing? Share us the story idea of your upcoming novel (If it is reasonable for you to do so)

Novoneel: This November my next novel is scheduled to hit the bookstores. It shall also be a romantic thriller like my last four books. The story is about a girl, who works alone in a big city, and how she gets into a very different relationship with a person which puts her life on the edge.

Eltrivate: A recent article by a national daily which said that J.K Rowling’s is the current most read followed by Khalid Hossini. What is your inference on what India is reading? (Interest…mindset…etc.)

Novoneel: I think India is doing really good as far as reading is concerned. My only concern which I would like to push here is that much of the reading is hype based. One shouldn’t only read what others are reading. There are a lot of amazing books waiting to be consumed once you look beyond the hyped and well marketed ones.

Eltrivate: Which writer has been an inspiration for you throughout your life?

Novoneel: There are too many to list.

Eltrivate: Do you want to send out any message for your readers?

Novoneel: Just keep reading as it is one of the best ways I know of which gets us closer to our inner horizon.novoneel chkraborty



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