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Satya is an adventurous IT guy who dreams of doing the seven summits. He was born in Kolkata and grew up in a small town Berhampore(WB), did his Engineering from Sikkim and presently working in Bangalore. He sumitted the highest Mountain peak of North America Mt. Denali Alaska unguided this june. He has led successful expeditions to Mt Kilimanjaro, Mt Elbrus and Mt Aconcagua. He has led numerous treks through Bangalore Mountaineering Club. Satya is a certified Mountaineer from Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Darjeeling. Satya is planning to climb Mt Kosciusk, the highest of Australia this November to complete his 5th Summit.

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Eltrivate: Climbing the highest peaks of each continent sounds interesting! Is it as difficult as it sounds to be?

Satya: Well people do say it is the fastest way to bankruptcy. Jokes apart, some mountains are not so difficult technically wheras some mountains are deadly and very tough! The amount of preparation(physical, mental and financial) that goes behind the climbs are mammoth. If it were that easy we wouldnt have just 2 to 3 7 summitters in India.And probably it would have lost its significance.
Eltrivate: Which Mt. peak was the most difficult to reach and why?
Satya: Mt Denali (the highest of North America) in Alaska was the most difficult of the 4 summits that I did till now. Unlike Everest where all the risky areas have fixed rope to prevent accidents, Mt Denali routes were fully exposed. Death was looming large every corner. The hidden crevasses, the danger of avalanche is potentially much higher in Denali. Added to this is the notorious bad weather which includes fierce wind, unimaginable snow fall and extreme extreme cold for days (-40 degree C) ! There were times where we knew if one falls, the whole team will die! There are no sherpas to carry your load. You not only have to carry a backpack but also have to pull a sled tied to your waist till the 3rd camp. Added to it, we went unguided. So after a hard day, you need to pitch your tent, setup stove, melt snow to drink water, and finally cook the food all by your own.So Mt Denali was the toughest of all so far.

Eltrivate: What motivated you to climb the peaks?
Satya: It was Mt Everest! In 2010 December when I went to Everest Base Camp I saw  Everest first time from so near and it did cast a magical spell on me 🙂 It was so beautiful and mysterious…and then the whole trek you hear so much about different expeditions, u hear about the challenges, u hear about Mallory, Hillary, Tenzing, u hear about the 1996 disaster and I did get spellbound. I decided I have to climb Mt Everest! When I came back I did a study on Everest and I understood it is not a cake walk and takes years of dedication and practice. I went for a formal course on Mountaineering from himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Darjeeling and it gave a new paradigm. I came to know about the 7 summits concept and I knew doing the other summits one by one will help me to prepare well for Everest and will open up opportunities to get funded for Everest. It takes a whooping 35000$ to climb Mt Everest!

Eltrivate: Whether your parents are supporting to this and were they initially against it ?
Satya: Well My parents , relatives and family friends spends sleepless nights when I go for these expeditions. Initially it used to be very scary for them but over the time I could prove to them that I am not taking a reckless risk but a calculated risk, and that I prepare well and equipped with skills learnt from formal training. Moreover this time I took a device with me called InDelorme through which my parents and friends could track me and I could send message to them using that satellite device. This eased the tension a lot. My parents feel proud about my achievement.

Eltrivate: What do you actually want to prove through this task ?
Satya: I dont know if you will believe me … I was an Asthma patient from childhood where I couldnt even run 100m without huffs and puffs. I used to take inhalers with me always. It used to be so suffocating, I couldnt breath. When I was in college I decided that I cannot depend on the inhalers life long and I need to come out of this! With much discipline and food habbits , exercises and will power I got rid of that disease and now I can run 14km non stop , climb highest peaks without any problem. I want to inspire people who are suffering from this disease and want to convey to them that it is possible to lead a normal life and that nothing is impossible!  

Eltrivate: What message would u like to give to people to encourage such tasks ?
Satya: You only live once … that too for a very short period. Make it adventurous..Live it! You will be amazed to find different facets of you . You dont need to go to Big mountains, go for a small hike, connect with Nature, and you will see wonders happening to your life! You will be able to push your limits and You will be amazed to realize your true potential.
Eltrivate: Its a risk taking job…why did you still choose it ?
Satya: There is risk everywhere. more people die on road than on mountains. Accidents do happen as you dont have a control on Nature but if you are prepared you can minimize the risks. Flying an air plane would have been continued to be a dream if Wright Brothers thought it to be too risky.
Eltrivate: Arent you scared of such tasks ? What keeps u going ?
Satya: Of course I get scared! Thats why I become so conscious and increase my concentration. That fear pushes me out of the bed to go for a run in the early morning while I prepare for a climb, that fear pushed me to join a crossfit training in Tribe fitness center in Bangalore. (I am glad I joined there.) That fear made me take formal mountaineering course and that fear is making me evolve as a mountaineer.
Eltrivate:  How do you make a living out of it?
Satya: I dont make a living out of it. I am a software engineer by profession and I am a Mountaineer by Passion. I am thankful to the company I work called Brady. They helped me to pursue my passion parallel to my work by providing flexibility. I took personal loan to climb most of the mountains as I didnt get any sponsorship till date. Recently I got selected in the biggest online hunt for adventurers through a contest called Grab your Dream. I made to the top 12 adventurers and won myself an all expense paid international adventure trip. This is an initiative by Cox n Kings and  Adventures.  Good to see such things as it helps the adventure community.
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