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He is a 2nd year mass communication student from Amity University. A music lover who has got a divine voice, a gods gift and he wants to pursue it as a career in future. Till now he has sung a lot of songs, won Radio City 91.1 singer of the year award in 2013, recorded an album in 2014 which has got selected in many competitions all over India and won in few. His performances in Amity University is enough to testify his performance skills on stage which in itself provides him with a X factor over other emerging singers.

We wish him all the best for the future. Read on a conversation with Aditya Jha, through whatsapp over a cup of coffee. 😉

Eltrivate-  How are you doing Aditya?

Adit- I am Good how, about you?

Eltrivate- Everything is good, so Adit tell us what has inspired you to become a singer? When did you realise that you wanted to be a singer?Aditya 1

Adit.- Ahh. Actually my mom and everyone from her side is a singer, though not professionally but yes they sing really well. Singing for me on the first place is God’s gift; let me have the audacity to say his choicest blessing? And it started off at a very age of I would say 4 or 5. My mom taught me a lot, tagged to her was my Dadi who also sang well.

I always thought I had a unique voice like my mom’s , not that good but Ya a part of it, which I would say precisely made me accelerate onto this field ?

Eltrivate- Whats your genre of singing Adit?

Adit- It’s romantic, it’s a song which has enthusiasm into it and sometimes sad.

Eltrivate- What do you think, how competitive is this music industry?

Adit- It’s mathematical rather than being competitive. I mean yes Of course new singers , new voices are getting Aditya 3enlisted day by day but it’s all about contacts and how good you are able to cement your relations with the director or the producer is I think what matters these days. It is very much a cardinal point for sure and has been since ages but I seriously think that relations be it contacts have to have that mathematical skill which comprises of filtering contents which are poured out sometimes. But at the end of the day a talented soul will get opportunities  and is bound to do really well in this particular field. So to cap it all , it is competitive but if you have a good and a mesmerizing and a unique voice you can gel up really well with this industry.

Eltrivate- That’s sure is an opportunistic attitude i must say! Great angle to look at it.

Well there is this age group that can hardly survive without following rock bands like Metallica, Linkin Park & Rappers like Eminem. Do you really feel, sad songs can influence them?

Aditya– Ahh! I think we Indians are somewhere dangled and hung between the western and the Indian culture. Rock bands like Metallica, Linkin park have proved to be strong medium for disseminating new styles like growling and black metal etc to every nook and cranny of the world but it all depends upon a person’s perception. At the end of the day if sad music has a good pace good beats and if it has that ability to touch people heart I think it would be a hit.

Eltrivate- Thoughtful Aditya!

With indian music industry being more of mainstream…seen & heard because of bollywood films…do u wish the early 2000-2005 album culture to be back ?

Aditya– Yes I very much think it should for the upliftement of new singers,and  talents because Bollywood songsAditya 4 today are made keeping in mind the culture of  youth and it gets skeptical to actually fiddle with a new song and make it as the music director wants to because if he engineers it the way he wants to not keeping in the hep culture of the youth may be the song gets a hipe and people actually like that song or it flunks badly. So those years of musical albums let the singer’s and the directors to make music according to their style without bothering about its future.

Eltrivate– Any person from the music industry who inspires you ?

Aditya-Mohammad Rafi Sahab very much , I am a bit classical lover so Pandit Jasraj , Arjit Singh for whom people agog and so am I ?

Talking about Hollywood is Freddie Mercury, Michel Jakson, Adam Lambert , Elvis Presley and some more.

Eltrivate– Well ! Aditya we must say we are rather fortunate to be talking with you but due to shortage of time we’d like to wrap this interesting chat with you by asking you to tell us your favourite song from your own album?  And can u sing two lines of that song?

Aditya– It’s named laut aao na.  And I’ll sing two lines.

Full Video Song to Laut Aoo Nah is attached.  Do listen to his lovely voice.




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