And 2014 comes a week…a day…a month!!!  

in search of my way...

in search of my way…


Coming across it…They longed as weeks…Days and months, they left with stones of no-work, no-business, no-hush & bush days of college, no-get-set-run for the classes that got towards the dedication of studies?? …No of course it was friends…Friends!! Those innovative, creative, full of life, energetic days have spelled into fractions realising “it’s a high time of life”..! Everyone has to be at his own way of life which goes on and on, taking away all the hurdles, destructions, passiveness emerging as shadow, which can’t be left aside a flow. Once a compulsion of being literate comes in flow of life, the race of survival begins… Life creates a sign to display how a creature has to breathe in the life in all aspects: lovingly, helpingly, selfishly, hating, betraying, supporting etc. I have come out of the vogue of dreamy world I belonged, surpassingly with much practical, tough, focus, competitive, strong sight. It’s has been a long way I came into my senses and smelled the world with awaited faces!

Well conflict is the key word which is indeed a self-activated world of worries which is carried out all through the life raising in some or the other reason. I and my conflict with me is flaunting for the days going through. I, being self-obsessed, centred, shy, huggly-wooksh, pampered person never thought of getting into some ravishing and time-holding activities. My conflict raised me so on a different path, a turn, a highway of life who now knows to factor the time of being ill and fuzzed back at home. Time is the factor for every instance of life. This time has spread over its wings to gather all possible opportunities, links, marines of work to stand by in life with own self and belonging to a responsible creature on this earth. Though it is something a destined nation which is blessed to different people with different time laps, Hope is all the way needed! Time comes with harshness, tears, un-tolerable sites, frustrating sessions, disappointments…but still my life, my love holds up all to stay erect and banish all the hurdles with calmness and positiveness…

The moment my conflict ovens me with frying minds, roasted attitude all I need to get behind and move on…!! It has been several times people watching out me being bubbly, fond-of, out-going, smiley still my conflict helps me to stand by my inter-bushiness counter to look the world straight, forward with great rays of bright future ahead! THIS IS THE LEAST I CAN DO MYSELF…
So all those with CONFLICTS which resides in your inner-soul, crump it… shuffle it… piggyback it…and turn on the positive aspect of life and feel the rhythm of freshness and use opacity of your conflict with strengthness and intergrity..!!

Till then…………. BE THE QUEEN OF YOUR LIFE..!! Worries and defections will thrash away taking all the shadow of hopelessness.




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