This Sunday was dedicated for a cause. The people of Delhi NCR were out on streets for a Chalk Walk. So, are you wondering what is exactly a Chalk Walk ?

A Chalk Walk is you reclaiming the street, your freedom. A Chalk Walk is you healing yourself, telling the world, “I have the right to be here. To be me. To walk wherever, whenever, however I please.” So bring a piece of chalk . Write a message to the person who tried (and FAILED) to intimidate you. And submit or tag a photo of your #chalkwalk to ours… We Chalk Walk against street harassment, sexism, racism, domestic violence and gender-based violence.




In a conversation with the Chalk Walk Team-

 1. Who’s brainchild is the Chalk walk?

Its MaStyle Care’s Founder Latika Wadhwa who under their campaign ON Women Violence planned this activity of Chalk Walk.

2.What motive do you have behind this activity..?

As the chalk becomes the symbol of venting out pain , agony and frustration that women faces on streets in the form of eve teasing , rapes etc the motive behind is to brought out those feelings and telling the world that these are my streets too and I don’t deserve to get harassed over here.

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3.What is your organisation doing towards this ?

MaStyle Care conducts campaigns on social issues and tries to bring awareness through those campaigns. So under our campaign on Women Violence we are working on this activity of Chalk Walk which is new concept in India. because in today’s scenario we see that the rate of crime such as rape is on a rise, so are you working towards stopping it..? Yes this activity is specially planned to bring out the awareness of such crimes by writing down with the chalk .

4. What was the  turnout like ..?

Around 2000 people participated across 6 different locations .




5. How do you think this will change the mind set of the society ??

This activity is a good way to make the change as things that are written through chalks will remain on streets thus attracting the eyes of each passerby to look at the words written and can made them realize and introspect on the issue of women violence.



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Our vision and mission is clear by our name. Yes we have a mission to Eltrivate everyone. The nation is growing, developing and evolving, so if today you aren’t at pace with the society you will be left behind forever.

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