I am still a bairn
For the classic depth of life
The wish I asked
To regain
The mortal yet immortal fife of my life

Desire was grand
But time was shy
Should I?
Or shouldn’t I?
Explore the leery fortune of my life

Ready to brace
I blinked my eyes
A sudden whiff
And I was there
In that happy hood of my life

Then, a little child was seen
With his angelic mien
A pearl in his eyes
Twinkling to the fireflies

Fearless his days were
Nights were nothing blur
In mother’s lap he used to sleep
In father’s arms he used to weep

Sunrise was conquered
With utmost inertia
A chase to a bird
A bow to his Allah

Dusk, so beautiful
The hour of cartoons, so cheerful
A windy cycle to a buddy’s house
A devil to spring in heart of a little mouse

Nights, full of stars and rhymes
Of the jungle and chimes
A tight hug to a lifeless baboon
Of night dreams, let horror be the tycoon

Bit of little-little things made his day
A castle of clay, a bundle of hay
That blissful dance in the rain
That paper boat rowing down the oceanic lane

So sinless and pure he was
Waiting for his Santa Claus
It’s his life, his world
Wherein he fearlessly swirled

Suddenly smoke filled my thoughts
And everything
Burning away,
Blazing away
Right in front of my eyes

Yes, it was there
My precious childhood
Burning away
Flaring away
In the flames of time passing away

Leaving me all alone
It was gone
In the vastness
Of this sky
Giving life to another new-born cry

Our childhood is a divinely blessed time
It no more, it’s once in a lifetime
But I am not sad
For I was lucky and glorified
To relish it, To perish it, and To cherish it!



That Burnt Childhood
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Hardik Aggarwal

A II year undergraduate Business Administration student and an aspiring entrepreneur. An outgoing introvert who strives to fulfill his dreams with the philosophy that every individual on earth has a mission to fulfill. He is a focused and down to earth personality, who loves to volunteer for animal welfare and environmental causes. In his free time you can find him either reading, writing poetry, travelling or contributing his bit for the community. Get in touch with him at:

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