By Tanya Ganguli

Oh beautiful she was,
Stunning like the morning light,
Shimmering like a rainbow,
Beauty which gave complex to even Aphrodite!

He was a dreamer
And an atheist
Never in god did he believe.

This is how the story goes,
Oh listen carefully my friends and foes.

Infamous for his cheap tips and tricks,
Alan walked out of the house with his emotions in a fix.
Inside his head was a deserted world,
As if a storm just came and hurled.
Pricked by his own conscience,
How will he ever pay the penance?
He just stabbed his own mother,
Lost all hope in people, in one another.

She entered his life, like an angel in disguise,
Was this a virtue or a hidden vice?
They met in the most unfortunate of circumstances,
Was this one of god’s nuances?

She was his canvas,
She was his muse,
He was her master,
Whom she could not refuse.
Splashing and soaking in colors she was,
Losing a part of herself because
She gave a part of her heart to him,
When the lights went off and the moonlight was dim.



Bleeding Love
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