Something’s have the art of touching lives in a meaningful way. They may not be able to express their visions and emotions through flowery words but their mere presence brings joyful magic in our lives . Animals are one such thing, a creation of the almighty- so powerful and charismatic that they change your life before you even realise it.

While you sit comfortable and cosy in your home in front of your television, enjoying a cup of coffee, there are many street dogs scavenging the garbage for food. They sleep on the concrete foot paths, sweating the heat in summers and shivering in winters with really little food or none at all, But that’s not all; they have to bare the tortures of inhuman beha
viour of humans too.

I just want you to change your perception towards Dogs , which are considered to be man’s best friend. We humans share a special bond with them. They are like human babies and thus require love and care and that is when an attachment grows and one cannot stay without them.

If it’s just the matter of love and bonding, then where does the question of breed comes from? It’s not necessary to buy a pedigree dog but one can always adopt a Indian breed…..A desi!unnamed

Pets are creatures that personify simplicity. They depend on us for very little and give us more than what we can imagine. They touch our lives and make us a better person in many different ways. All they do is love unconditionally and remain loyal to us for the kindness we shower upon them. And surely a wagging tail does bring a lot of happiness….

By giving shelter or helping the stray dogs we are not just changing their lives, but are changing our own .






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