.The heat is ON, we all know that and frankly Indian Summers are to die for. So when winter lovers like me are trying to adapt to this heat; the other lot out there is soaking up the sun with all the SPF on. Here are some tips to beat the killing heat this summerglucon

  1. Loofah time: alrighty! Be ready to bathe like three times a day coz without that aint nobody coming near you homie. Be sure to wash yourself real good along with some real strong deodorant.
  2. Dress up right: now this is quite important, you don’t wanna be wearing all leathery tight fitted stuff. Wear something loose & airy and light coloured. As light coloured clothes reflect the light rays and dark clothes absorb them.
  3. Use sun blocks is a must for both boys & girls even when you are home because the amount of UV rays remains strong throughout the year even during cooler weather and enters your house as well. Before stepping outta the house remember waterto put the sun screen on with the least of SPF 30 to SPF 50.
  4. Make sure you always carry a bottle of water with you. You sure as hell don’t want to fall ill plus it’s quite important to keep yourself hydrated because the body is perspiring more so naturally it needs more water.
  5. If at home draw up all the curtains, close all the doors and windows, switch on the AC / cooler and well do what you want to do.
  6. Also try to eat light during summers because over eating usually backfires in the hot season and may lead to gastro-intestinal problems.
  7. Avoid excessive activity during the peak heat hours. If u are a fitness buff try going for jogs late evening or early morning.
  8. For those of you who have cars, we all know glass traps the sun’s heat which makes it a burning oven thus open your car windows and doors to let the heat flow out.images (2)
  9. Halogen lights, dishwashers, dryers and cooling appliances produce their own heat so try to avoid using them during the hottest part of the day.
  10. Lastly planting trees is a long term fix because they are the most natural way of keeping the sun’s heat at bay and keeps the temperature in control too. Planting trees is really the only long term cure for the rising heat which is the outcome of GLOBAL WARMING.


That’s all folks! Try to bear this merciless heat and be ready for even worse summers in the near future.

 We reap what we sow but I’d say we still have time.If we could all be a little more sensitive towards the nature and plant more trees around our respective areas, at least one tree on our birthday’s it would do sooo much good. It sounds absolutely insane but it’ll be worth it.

Till then kill the heat with a cool glass of iced tea!!!





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