“All work and no play makes  jack a dull boy.” This old saying is very relevant and true to the present day education system. We all seem to have forgotten the definition of ‘true education’, the function of which is to build an integrated personality and make the body and mind, senses and spirit grow simultaneously and not to take the spirit of vigour and delight away from our lives. Unless we give vent to our minds by indulging in other recreational activities we can never harbour a healthy mind in a healthy body.

Our  educational institutions will have to be the training grounds where apart from imparting education,  our physical abilities will be exercised and our character will be moulded  in such a way that we are able to balance work and pleasure to our lives in the right measure. If we are glued  to our studies all day we are distorting and misinterpreting our educational  values and making it lose its credibility to make us complete and capable human beings.

Our lives will become monotonous  and tedious, and stagnate. Unless we occupy our minds to some recreational activity we can  never be innovative and relieve our boredom.

To remain happy and contented in life we should be so busy doing a variety of things that there is enough time for us to enjoy our  lives to the fullest.



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